Jill Stein demolishes clueless MSNBC reporter (Video) – Tucker Carlson Chimes In

The left eating themselves, I love it. That’s because the cabal behind the Russian collusion delusion have no allegiance to Republicans or Democrats so they do what they have always done, create division and distraction and pit people against each other.

You really think the bots they’re talking about are part of a Russian “troll farm”? Please. More like a CIA/Clinton troll farm. This whole thing is a load of bullshit. I don’t even post that many stories about the Russia/Trump deal anymore because it’s propaganda and it’s a diversion. The only time I post stories about it is to expose it. If people on the left had half a brain they would see they were being played like a fiddle. The left and right are two hands on the same body…~TS

MSNBC reporter then admits that the media outlet did indeed meddle in US elections.

By Alex Christoforou | The Duran

Jill Stein completely smacks down this MSNBC host over the stupid Mueller Russian bot indictment.

Ron Placone‏ tweeted…

In @DrJillStein ‘s interview, MSNBC admits that they failed miserably with their election coverage giving excessive amounts of time to Trump for the sake of ratings but that it’s OK for them because they’re not Russian. This will not be a headline anywhere tomorrow morning.

Jill Stein so handily destroyed the MSNBC news host that she even gets the host to admit that they meddled in the 2016 US elections, giving excessive amounts of time and promotion to then candidate Trump to boost ratings, and work to pit Hillary Clinton against a ‘thought to be’ easy opponent in Donald Trump.

I tacked on these videos from Tucker Carlson…

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