Jim Fetzer On Why He Thinks That Events In Florida Were Staged To Justify Disarming American People.

I watched a video claiming there was was no birth records for the alleged victims of the Parkland shooting. I’m not going to post it because the person doesn’t mention what site he was using to run the checks. I like to verify things myself but frankly I really don’t care at this point if it’s fake or real I care more about what the end game is. As I mentioned in a previous post, I don’t trust a lot of the info or reports being released in relation to these shootings, that goes for the info being passed around in the alt-media as well. I really think the mainstream media wants to make certain things look hokey, like having David Hogg talk to the media, so people waste their time debating every minute detail and how it went down so they don’t pay attention to why it went down.

Update 2/22/18, the fucks at YouTube keep pulling these videos down so I’m going to try and repost what I can from different sources. Download these while you can. I have copies of them and I may have to host them myself if they keep pulling them. My main issue with hosting them is I don’t want to get tangled up with bullshit and have my site taken down if somebody gets a stick up their ass.

Update 2/26/18. Richie Allen’s YouTube account was shut down a few days ago. Below is the podcast he did with Jim Fetzer. Enjoy…and f*ck YouTube.


Meet crisis actor David Hogg, Son of FBI agent Kevin Hogg

And on the flip side of the coin we have this story.

David Hogg: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

I think they’re trying to purposely send people in circles so they have no idea what to believe and as a result they tune the whole event out and don’t pay attention to the end result…stricter gun control laws, increased surveillance, distract from the failed Russian collusion bullshit narrative, etc… I can tell you right now I’m sick and tired of looking into school shootings and trying to determine if they’re false flags, completely staged, real, a mix of real casualties and fake casualties, whatever. Another reason for the frequency of these shootings, in my opinion, is to desensitize the public so they accept whatever solution offered to them, and to burn people out who research this stuff. The problem with desensitizing the public is the end result is a lack of empathy which means a portion of the general public doesn’t really give a shit if people got shot, and they have a short attention span so they just go on with their day. So the scare tactics they’re employing by staging these events blow back in their face a bit and actually makes pushing gun control harder for them.

Luckily there’s enough of us who are paying attention and won’t accept the solution shoved down our throats…~TS

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