CNN Campaign to Ban Conservative Media Kicks Into High Gear – InfoWars Receives Second YT Strike

Whether you like Alex Jones are not you should be concerned that one of the largest alt-news channels on YouTube might be taken down. I honestly think InfoWars should host their videos on their own servers at this point. I know it costs a lot of money for the server space and bandwidth to do that but that really is the only way to steer around this censorship. If you have a presence on YouTube and you’re in the truth community it’s basically over for you folks. You’ll have to stay within certain parameters and only cover certain topics in order to not have your channel wiped out. Censorship. Stick to covering disinformation like space is fake, giant trees and flat Earth and your channel will stay up. Good luck with that. Once again, YouTube is a business, you’re storing your data on their servers, it’s their data once it’s on their servers. You consent to their policies and enter a contract with them when you sign up. Their EULA circumvents the first amendment. Stop whining about it, stop using their platform, stop playing on their playground. People want to monetize their “truther” videos and dance with the devil but then want to complain about the devil when they get slapped around a bit. Is that really a real “truth movement”? Seems hypocritical to me. For what it’s worth InfoWars doesn’t monetize their YouTube videos…~TS

Alex Jones Channel hit with 2nd strike, faces YouTube termination

By Paul Joseph Watson |

CNN’s lobbying campaign to have YouTube ban Infowars has kicked into high gear, with the Alex Jones Channel being hit with a second strike, meaning it’s now on the verge of deletion.

Last week, CNN published a front page story entitled InfoWars is two strikes away from being banned from YouTube in which the news organization deliberately misrepresented our content in relation to the Parkland school shooting as part of an effort to pressure YouTube to delete our channel.

This morning, we were informed that the channel had received a second strike on a video relating to the Parkland shooting, meaning it is now on the verge of being terminated permanently.

The videos in question did not claim the school shooting didn’t happen or that the victims were “actors,” as CNN has falsely misrepresented. The videos questioned if some of the prominent students who are now publicly leading a nationwide campaign for gun control were being coached on what to say.

The ability to question the statements of public figures on television is part of basic free expression under the First Amendment, and does not constitute “bullying” or “harassment,” as YouTube claims.

By lobbying to have one of its competitors shut down, CNN is engaging in tortious interference, which is when one party damages another’s contractual or business relationships with a third party, causing economic harm.

CNN is also engaging in fraud by misrepresenting our content to demonize Infowars as somehow being responsible for the tragedy. The true content of the banned videos can be viewed here.

YouTube is engaging in discrimination against Infowars because of our political views.

Infowars will not hesitate to pursue all legal avenues to protect our interests.

From a wider perspective, this is insidious. A news network is devoting resources to lobby for another news network to be censored.

The Alex Jones Channel has racked up over 1.5 billion views in its 10 year existence.

In Russia, the government shuts down dissident media outlets. In America, CNN apparently thinks that’s its responsibility.

Other conservative media outlets who think that by remaining silent they will avoid being targeted are beyond naive. You are next.

The left won’t stop until all competing voices have been financially crippled or silenced altogether.

What’s next? Will be de-listed from Google altogether? Will pressure be put on Internet Service Providers to blacklist our website?


We will not sit idly by while monopoly corporations like Google and CNN strangle free speech.

Call YouTube and demand that they support free speech by removing the strikes from the Alex Jones Channel: +1 650-253-0000

Tweet at YouTube:

Call Google’s HQ and demand that they support the right to free expression under the First Amendment: +1 650-253-0000

We will also be organizing a protest outside Google’s HQ in Austin Texas. Details will be announced on today’s Alex Jones Show.

Be polite.

Infowars needs your support now more than ever.

Please help us by subscribing to our back-up channels on Youtube.

Real News with David Knight

The War Room

Infowars Live

The Infowarrior

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8 replies

  1. It’s insane! There is no more truth, no more research, no more critical thinking .. just narratives & agendas. Well they’re definitely following the CIA recipe to a T: “We will know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is a lie.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. I’ve been saying this since I put this site up back in mid 2015, the alt-media has been infiltrated by the CIA the same was the mainstream media was infiltrated 50 years ago. Operation Mockingbird. I see a lot of “actors” on YouTube and other platforms pushing disinformation and they definitely do have an agenda which is to confuse and dumb people down even further. When people think everything is fake and don’t know what to believe.. what happens? They shut down, become apathetic and don’t take action.

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  2. The flow of information (truth OR false) can be slowed down, but it will never stop.

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    • True. I think it would help if people relied less on CIA funded and controlled platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and went back to hosting content on their own website. Of course a host can censor a website if they deem the content to be inappropriate but it’s far less common when you’re paying for your server space. Problem is a lot of truthers seem to not have a job so they have to rely on video monetization on platforms like YouTube, or they need to stick 1400 ads on their site. So again they’re trying to make money off the system they’re whining about. Or they just flat out ask for donations.

      I’m not going down that route. People can say I’m dumb for not trying to make some money off this site but I want to be able to say what I want and not be beholden to any group.

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  3. I live somewhere between ‘nothing is real’ & ‘anything is possible’ 🎉
    I can’t remind ppl enough to research, research research.
    It is Mockingbird. Totally.
    Doing my best to stay patient while the others wake up to this 🙂
    Thx for your work & dedication xo

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  4. Seriously with all we know & all that others don’t know, I thank the Universe for people like you. I shudder to think where we’d be without actual researchers & critical thinkers.
    I’m just putting the finishing touches on my gun blog post – a Canadian perspective on the “gun” problem, or or as I call it – our Humanity problem.
    Doing my part to wake people up & encourage the much-needed awareness. 😊🐇

    Liked by 1 person

    • I appreciate the kind comments. I’ve been researching and reading about all of this crazy stuff for a very long time. I cover a lot of this on my about page.

      I felt driven to share this information with others and I decided to go with this format as opposed to a YouTube channel, Facebook page, or whatever else. I know what those social media platforms are about and who funds them and I made the decision to not use them a long time ago.

      Originally this site was just going to cover the occult, the paranormal, and the NWO but I decided to branch it out a bit.

      From day one I wanted this site to be more than just a “alt-news” site.

      Anyway, I respect anybody who is doing “the great work”. I wish you the best and I’ll check your blog out.

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