The End of Obamacare is Finally Coming, At Least For The Residents of…

When we look back at the historical blunder known as the Obama Presidency, one glaring error and affront to the American people will stand out above all others.

By Andrew West | The Constitution

That malfeasance will forever be known as Obamacare – the horrendously misguided legislation, formally the Affordable Care Act, whose ironic naming has long been putting Americans in the poorhouse.

The Obama ideal was originally marketed as some version of socialist-style, universal healthcare, but was soon amended in order to serve Obama’s insurance industry overlords.  Instead of providing Americans with the healthcare they were promised, Obamacare simply penalized Americans for not buying insurance for themselves, and erased a number of incentives that previously allowed businesses of any size to provide benefits to their part-time employees.

Of course, on top of that ridiculous mandate, the insurance companies were now able to manipulate the price of coverage in any way that they wish, given that Americans would soon be legally culpable for choosing to abstain from purchasing insurance.

Now, after a number of attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare have been stymied by the “resistance” rats in congress, one state is tackling the nonsensical legislation from their own Capitol building.

“Idaho has become ground zero in a new ObamaCare fight, with officials pursuing major changes that could serve as a national model for other states looking to expand insurance options in defiance of the law – even as Democrats warn of higher costs for vulnerable customers.

“As soon as April, Blue Cross of Idaho is planning to make new options available.

“That’s after Gov. Butch Otter and Lt. Gov. Brad Little co-signed an executive order asking the Department of Insurance to seek creative ways to make health coverage more affordable. The move opened the door for plans that don’t adhere to ObamaCare coverage requirements – though with the Trump administration testing similar ideas, the state may be unlikely to face much resistance from the White House.”

Just how much of an impact will this legislation make?

“The state’s insurance department now aims to let insurers sell cheaper, less comprehensive plans that officials project could reduce insurance costs by 30 to 50 percent. Insurance carriers still would have to offer plans on the state’s exchange, Your Health Idaho, while federal subsidies would continue to be available.”

For struggling Americans, crippled by the overwhelming costs of Obamacare, reducing costs by half could very well mean the difference between life and death.

Should Idaho’s example succeed, there is no reason to doubt that other states could easily follow suit, spelling out the end of Obamacare in America once and for all.

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