“Crisis Actors” are a MSM Hoax To Censor The Web

The Alex Jones Channel

The establishment liberal media & Late Night Comedy accuse Alex Jones and InfoWars of calling the Florida HS Shooting victims “crisis actors”.

Meanwhile YouTube takes down InfoWars videos and threatens to delete the entire Alex Jones Channel for “bullying” survivors of the massacre.

Yet to this date no video has been brought forward by any news outlet proving that anyone at InfoWars or Alex Jones called the students child actors.

Alex Jones breaks down how Google subsidiary YouTube has launched an unprecedented attack on free speech, issuing Infowars its third strike after claiming it would not attack conservatives on their platform. They did remove the strike without any reason as to why it was targeted in the first place.

Personally I agree with David Seaman and his thoughts on David Hogg and Anderson “the pooper” Cooper…~TS

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