Jordan Peterson – 2014 Personality Lecture 17: Agreeableness and gender differences

Jordan B Peterson

There are moderate differences in personality (and larger differences in interest) between men and women, statistically speaking, although the overlap is large, trait by trait. Agreeableness is one trait where relatively large differences exist. Associated with compassion and empathy, agreeableness is generally viewed in a positive ethical light, although there are very many ethical advantages to behavior characterized by the opposite pole. Agreeable people can easily be taken advantage of, for example — something that happens less frequently to their disagreeable counterparts. There is also good evidence that the gender differences in personality and interest maximize, rather than minimizing, as cultures become more egalitarian. This is partly because egalitarian cultures eliminate variance in social influence, allowing the genetic differences to emerge as paramount. This is good if you think people should be allowed or even encouraged to be who they are, but not so good if you think any differences are unnecessary and bad. Want to support this channel?

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