Instruction vs. Indoctrination

By Joseph “Joe” Panek | A Seeker’s Thoughts

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference.”
– Robert Frost

We live in a realm of Duality, and often we find ourselves standing at a Crossroad where we are required to Choose between two diverging Paths: one which is easy, or one which is right.

One of these forks-in-the-road, which each one of us must Choose to travel sooner or later, is between the Road which leads us to Instruction or the Road which leads us to Indoctrination. And, although the names of these two Roads sound quite similar they are, in fact, two entirely different Paths. And because they are two very different Paths it is important that we weigh the Consequences of Choosing one Path over the other.

Indoctrination: This is the easy path; the path of the crowd. Indoctrination is the one-sided presentation of an idea, theory, Choice, or Belief. It is something which is imposed upon us by either subtle means, such as guilt or salesmanship, or by forceful means, such as fear or threat.

In other words, Indoctrination is a form of “brainwashing”. It is the removal of previous held Beliefs and ideals so that new, regimented dogmas can be implanted. Indoctrination, in its most fanatical sense, is aimed at, and accepted by, the most Ignorant, gullible and weakest of minds.

When we willingly and unquestionably accept Indoctrination, our Horizons shrink and our growth and Thinking become stagnated and frozen. We are required to live in a world of policies and procedures which are not of our own Choosing. Our Imagination and Dreams are “surgically removed” from our thought process and our Individual Sovereignty is forfeited to those whose sole purpose is to dominate and control others.

Indoctrination fractures and divides in its attempt to conquer and dominate. This fracturing and division is openly visible in the political and religious organizations which occupy our planet. However it also exists, just as strongly if not as openly, in scientific, mathematic and research groups whereby the faction which has been Indoctrinated into a regimented belief system fights ferociously to discredit any new ideas, concepts, or theories brought forth by free-thinkers and visionaries in that particular field.

Instruction: This is the difficult Path; the “Road less traveled”. It is the Path of the Lone Wolf, the visionary, the free-thinker, the Seeker. It is the Path of wide Horizons, Imagination and Dreams.

The Path of Instruction is the Path which Blends and Creates. It is the Road on which we discover Wisdom, Truth, Magic and personal Adventure. Instruction is the inclusion of all possible natural, and universal, alternatives along with how they apply to, and are affected by, Universal Principles.

When we embark upon the Path of Instruction we are handed the Keys which unlock the secrets of the Universe and are Instructed to go forth and unlock the doors of Eternal Truths which must remain locked to all but the True Seeker and Initiate.

In ancient times a worthy and well-qualified Initiate would Seek admission to one of the Mystery Schools where he, or she, would be Instructed in the Eternal Wisdom of the Universe. Today, we no longer have these Mystery Schools, nor do we have any of the Ancient Masters walking among us. Therefore, if we are to Truly learn that which is understood by only the very few, we must Choose to travel “the Path less traveled by” … the Path of Self-Initiation and Self-Instruction.

And although the Ancient Masters are no longer among us to help guide us along our way, they have left us the Keys to Ancient Wisdom by way of their Sacred Writings, Symbols, Mythologies and Legends. It is now up to us to simply Choose to grab hold of their Ancient and Mystical Keys, venture forth upon our own Personal Path, and unlock the doors which hold the Truth, Wisdom and Enlightenment of all Eternity.

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