5 Reasons NOT to Buy a Fake Gibson Guitar

I know people who own Chibsons and they’re perfectly happy with them. The biggest drawback I see with buying one is you can’t sell it down the road because it’s illegal to do so. If you never intend on selling your Chibson(s) it’s not an issue. I’m sure some people roll the dice and sell them on Craigslist and ebay but they’re taking a chance. I wouldn’t try it. My tastes change over time and I do let some guitars go, so I personally don’t like being locked into a guitar because I can’t sell it. The other thing that is a drawback for me personally is that the prices of Chibsons have generally gone up over the past several years so you’re basically paying $225 – $325 or up for them now depending where you buy them from. Years ago you could buy them for $150 – $170 shipped. Most of the time they will need new pickups, nut, tuners, pots and they will need a decent amount of work done on the frets. Even if you’re doing this work yourself the parts by themselves add up, especially if you’re buying quality name brand parts. So you’re dumping $150 + in parts into the guitar.. just a good set of name brand pickups can be over $150 easy. Of course there are cheaper and lesser known brand pickups that are good. At this point you can buy a used Epiphone Les Paul Standard for $225 – $350 (at the $350 range you can buy a used Standard Plus Top Pro) that needs nothing except minor fretwork (if that) and you’re good to go. You can even buy a new Epiphone LP Standard for $339 if you wait for a 15% off sale at Musicians Friend. I recently got 40% off on a new guitar from MF. They had a sale and I got 15% on top of the sale. All depends who you get on the phone. Plus having the ability to return the instrument if you don’t like it or it sucks is nice. Obviously there’s many other brands and models of guitars you can buy for $300 – $400 that are very good. I used Epi as an example because we’re talking about Les Pauls. Personally I couldn’t care less about the shape of the headstock on the Epiphone but it bothers other people. I’m more concerned with sound and the feel of the guitar and that the shape of the body is accurate if I want a LP style guitar.

If you want a Chibson and want to upgrade it, more power to you. If you don’t want to spend the time or money upgrading a guitar there’s other options out there in the same price range…~TS

Kennis Russell

The Gibson Les Paul is possibly the most faked guitar of all time. Right now in china, manufacturers are making fake copies of the famous Gibson Les Paul and many other guitars such as: Fender, PRS Paul Reed Smith, Ibanez, Taylor, Martin and more. Then these manufacturers sell them online across the world. Guitarists are tempted to buy these knock off guitars, that come complete with official looking logos on the headstock, for as little as 10% the cost of the original. Sound like a good deal, right?

In this video I give five reasons NOT to buy a fake Gibson guitar… or any fake guitar. Are there any good reasons to buy one? Are you wasting your money if you do? How do fakes effect the guitar market? Let’s find out.

1. Don’t Wanna Look Like a Tool
2. Fakes Dilute the Real Guitar Market
3. No Quality Assurance
4. Upgrade Cost is Too High to Make It Great
5. You Won’t Fool People Who Would Care Anyway

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