How I Got My YouTube Channel Restored After the Purge

Blackstone Intelligence Network

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  1. It’s not a question of being “out to stick it to you” -OR- “the algorithm”, it’s BOTH. Once the algorithm flags you as an investigative journalist who challenges establishment narratives, you’re going to have endless problems. I’ve seen them just delete a few million views and zero the count on a political commentary because it was trending to the top and they did not like the opinions of the producer. They do that stuff to Infowars all of the time.

    The terminations were not in error: it was a “trial balloon” to see what they could get away with. Never forget that they have the power to silence all dissenting channels with a single mouse click when the ultimate false flag arrives. And you are still going to be shadow banned or demonetized in whole or in part in the meantime. They will NEVER quit screwing with political dissidents, and it’s time to start looking at alternative platforms.


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