O.J. Simpson Confesses to Murdering Nicole and Ron

What a shock…~TS


After 24 years any mystery surrounding the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman is over … because O.J. Simpson confessed. FOX aired “O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?” Sunday night and Simpson walked publisher Judith Regan through what happened on June 12, 1994.

Full interview.

O.J. Simpson – The Lost Confession?

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  1. OJ was a violent narcissist to begin with — but he might have stopped short of murder if he had not been full of Prozac (which sometimes has a rebound effect that triggers psychotic episodes, even in nonviolent people.) It appears the prosecution and the defense both covered this up because they each thought the truth had the potential to hurt their case:

    Since Prozac is known to cause violent episodes, that could hurt the defense, since it shows he was chemically predisposed to commit murder. But the prosecution evidently thought he could use it as the basis for a temporary insanity plea. So both sides regarded this as a wild card and decided to suppress it because they each wanted “the big win” that would send them rocketing to the top of their profession and allow them to charge a fortune for their services. That’s what the media pundits were all talking about at the time: whoever won this case was going to be rich and famous. And it had to have some effect on the two egomaniacs who ran the defense and prosecution.

    These greedy and narcissistic lawyers were so concerned about profiting from this high-profile case that they could not admit the truth into the courtroom. To make matters worse, they allowed dirty cops to taint the investigation. So (in my opinion) OJ technically got away with murder because of the widespread corruption in the California justice system.


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