Reality Check: Will ‘Anti Sex Trafficking’ Bill Hurt Victims?

I can’t say I agree with Ben on this one. YouTube has been ignoring pedophile channels for years on their platform and only recently cracked down a bit because people got on them about it. You can bet some of these channels are/were connected with child sex trafficking rings. The users who created these channels should certainly be held responsible but at a certain point I think the company that provides the platform for the users to promote their bullshit should also be held responsible. YouTube has no issue terminating alt-right channels left and right but for some reason they had a hard time terminating channels promoting pedophilia. I think if companies know they’ll get slapped around a bit by letting this stuff slide it may mitigate the problem a bit. Some of these channels on YouTube had a subscriber base numbering in the hundreds of thousands and videos with over a million views, and they were monetized. You’re going to tell me YouTube wasn’t aware of these channels? Bullshit. Meanwhile they knock off alt-right channels with less than 20,000 subs, they notice those.

I feel the same when it comes to Craigslist or something like Backpage. At a certain point when some people are blatantly and continually using your platform to engage in illegal activities like fishing for children to use in sex trafficking rings, yeah obviously the individual or individuals who posted the ad should go down, and I think the host of the site should also also be held responsible in some cases. In certain situations you start to wonder if the host is complicit in these activities when there’s no oversight or action taken to shut these people down. That’s like me allowing people to freely post illegal material on this site and then turning around and saying “hey man, I just host the site, I didn’t post the stuff”. This is one of the reasons I don’t have a free for all comment section on this site and all comments have to be approved by me before they appear for public viewing. Is it a pain in the ass for me to check all comments first? Yeah it is but I’m not going to be help responsible if somebody posts something out of hand. Oh and trust me some people (not to mention the bots) will put links to ridiculous shit in their comments. You’re not taking my ship down by posting dumb shit. Sorry.

With all of this it goes without saying, law enforcement should be doing their job as well…~TS

Ben Swann

Reality Check with Ben Swann:…

There’s a effort among politicians and celebrities to amend #CDA230 to help sex trafficking victims through legislation, H.B. 1865.

But does this new bill actually help stop sex trafficking, or hurt victims?

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