New York City Wants To Ban ‘Smoking While Walking’

More stupid shit…and… if you’re caught farting while walking, that’s another $50, too much carbon dioxide, it’s bad for the environment.

Another money grab…~TS

Secular Talk

Smoking while walking would be banned in New York City if a new bill is passed into law. Councilman Peter Koo is introducing the legislation on Wednesday, in what he says is an attempt to keep secondhand smoke away from pedestrians.

If the bill is passed into law people would be fined $50 if they were caught walking and smoking on city streets. Smoking is already banned in many public spaces in New York City.

Former mayor Michael Bloomberg, a passionate anti-smoking advocate, banned smoking in public parks and beaches in 2011. The city prohibited smoking in bars and restaurants in 2003.

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  1. I work at tobacco free company. It wasn’t always like that, but was changed several years ago. Can you imagine, tobacco free… not even dip/chew or even (gasp) electric cigarettes.

    ***And*** just recently, everyone is required to back into parking dances for parking (apparently it’s safer)


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