An Honest Conversation About the Jewish Holocaust

Red Cross numbers say around 260,000 Jews died in the camps, many of the deaths were from Typhus. The Red Cross never revised that number over the last 70 years and the census records for that period don’t reflect the loss of 6 million Jews either.

Jake nails it at 7:20 into the video…~TS

Blackstone Intelligence Network

It is considered “anti-Semitic” by Zionists to ask questions about the many claims made about the Holocaust. But I’m going to do it anyway. I don’t dispute that millions of Jews were negatively impacted. I know that hundreds of thousands were put into railroad cars and treated like animals. They were sent to Nazi work camps. Many of them died from disease. But were 6 million Jews gassed to death and burned in ovens? I believe we can have an honest discussion about the issues surrounding the Holocaust without having to get angry or denigrate one another.

I recognize that among my 130,000+ subscribers that I probably have some genuine “Jew Haters” in the mix, so I request that if you post comments, you do so without being cruel. While I do appreciate the European culture from which my ancestors came, I am not a supremacist and I won’t allow my channel to be hijacked by people wanted to foment discord.

Express your opinions, but please do so with the same measure of respect you would do if you were sitting face to face with someone. In short, treat others the way you wish to be treated. Because if you treat others badly, I’ll probably ban you from my channel.

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