Rumored Pic from Hillary Clinton Alleged Darkweb Video, Real or Disinfo?

I heard about this last week and I didn’t post anything about it. Supposedly there’s a snuff film with Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin and a minor on the dark web.

Anybody who has done research on Hillary Clinton knows about her dark sexual proclivities but this particular story smells like bullshit to me. I don’t trust it.

Titus does a good job breaking it down.


Titus Frost 1984

I wanted to cover the rumors going around about a dark web video titled “frazzledrip” or or something like that. So far the researchers I know and trust have found nothing to back up these claims. Doesn’t mean it is not true, just means we have no evidence to support these claims other than the images I cover in this video, one of which has been debunked.

The video supposedly on the dark net, is of Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton raping and then murdering a young girl. This is a very wild and damning claim that requires evidence before spreading. I am not saying such a tape does not exist at all, I just have not seen evidence for it.

Sorry about the first minute, I forgot to plug my mic in. After 1 min the sound kicks in.

I covered a whole bunch of topics in this 2 hour long livestream, all the articles are linked below.

Chris Simpson Channel

A new screenshot rumored to come from an alleged shocking video involving Hillary Clinton, and Huma Abedin has started circulating online. Some argue that the film does not really exist, and the screenshot is photoshopped, though the picture itself appears to come from comet ping pong and no one has yet found the original photo to prove that the new images are fake. Could this be a real picture, a prank, or part of a disinformation campaign?

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