Northern Reaction: Canada, Democracy, and Right-wing Activism

Red Ice TV

Patrick welcomes Bill to the show for a discussion about right-wing activism, his book, and much more. We begin our program with a brief introduction as Patrick inquires about Bill’s initial foray into right-wing thought. Bill speaks to how an article by Mark Steyn about the École Polytechnique massacre, in Montréal, Québec, helped to change his perspective. We go on to discuss the atrophied state of Canadian masculinity, and by extension the crisis of masculinity throughout the Western world. We then address the issue of Canada’s disproportionate influence in exporting a form of multiculturalism that has had far-reaching impact. Bill also talks about former Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson’s role in bringing about majority rule in Rhodesia, which led to disaster. Patrick and Bill also discuss the subtle yet profound differences between Canadian multiculturalism and the American melting pot; two integration models that have attempted to integrate vastly different cultures into the same living space.

In the Red Ice Members’ segment we talk about the Alt-Right, activism, and how to proceed metapolitically post-Charlottesville. Bill offers his impressions of the movement’s activities during the United States presidential election of 2016. He states that the Alt-Right did an excellent job of supporting Trump whilst trolling the mainstream media and allied establishmentarian political figures. We go on to discuss potential tactics going forward, the pros and cons of provoking the prevailing orthodoxy, and much more.

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