Moon Mission Canceled – AGAIN…Hmm, Anyone else Notice a Pattern here?

Propaganda spoon fed to people so they can endlessly debate if space is real or fake or if we can get there or if the Moon is a giant paper plate. More distraction. What’s funny is some people think NASA is going to be transparent and honest about their moon missions or any mission. Other people don’t trust NASA yet they believe Don Petitt when he says NASA “destroyed the technology to go to the moon”. Yeah o.k… you think they suddenly decided to give you a nugget of truth and rolled out Don to hand it to you? think he “slipped” up? Please. If anybody thinks any space agency is being forthright about what they’re doing in space they have their head planted firmly up their ass. NASA is a front for JPL, the intelligence agencies, and black budget private companies/contractors (and always has been) who have advanced technology under lock and key and run the space program. They don’t give a shit if you think they can’t get into space, they probably hope you don’t believe they can.

Have fun on the “truther” hamster wheel.

They’re laughing..hard…~TS

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