Let’s Talk About Sex

Stefan Molyneux

Question: “In the fall of Bill Cosby episode, Stefan talks about women needing to take greater caution when interacting with men. He equates a woman accepting an older man’s invitation to accompany him to private quarters with leaving a Rolex on a park bench in downtown New York. My interpretation of his argument was that because women are more vulnerable to predation than men, they should limit their freedom more in order to avoid being confronted by evil in our society. Vulnerability is not only an invitation for evil but also an opportunity for others to act with moral integrity. The right to freedom from the initiation of coercion and freedom of movement for women and other vulnerable citizens of a nation, whose constitution is based upon those principals, are promised defense against those who violate the constitution. It is through defending our freedom that we protect it from being destroyed by those who wish to enslave us. How much more of our individual freedom are we expected to sacrifice in order to escape the evils society claims to defend its citizens against?”

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