Trump’s Goal Is To Not Run For Re-Election In 2020

If true it wouldn’t shock me at all, but I take whatever Alex says with a grain of salt. The deep state and the dark occultists who run it are going nowhere and they’re patient. Any anti-globalist changes or decisions Trump makes during his presidency will be reversed when the next puppet goes in. Mike Pence? Please. It’s all temporary folks. At best Trump slowed them down for bit and for a short period of time. I never thought Trump would save the world or permanently fix anything, that really is just naive thinking. Two things that haven’t slowed down is the military-industrial complex and the surveillance state…~TS

The Alex Jones Channel

Alex Jones breaks down how his sources close to the President have confirmed reports that Trump’s primary goal is not to run for re-election in 2020. He wants to finish the job in just 4 years.

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