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  1. This just serves to remind me that there is no really good rock on the radio anymore. Original stuff, I mean… I saw a video a couple of days ago titled “The Music Industry’s War on Night Ranger”. They may not have been the best rock band but, they were good and they are still making original music. Is it, or any other rock band, on the radio anymore with original stuff? Nope.

    It sucks…

    • I used to like Night Ranger. I was a Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson (who’s been a hermit for the last 20 years) fan back in the day. I play guitar so good guitar players get my attention.


      Guitar driven rock and hard rock is dead. There’s no more guitar heroes. Yeah you have bands that play hard rock/metal but I’m not hearing the songwriting and level of playing I used to hear back in the day.

      That’s why somebody like Eddie VH stood out, he had the chops AND could write a great tune. A lot of new players on YouTube have great chops but they can’t write a tune, they’re like robots.

      There’s very few rock bands that get my attention these days. I watched some live concert video from a band called The Pretty Reckless the other night and they had some decent tunes, but nothing that knocked me out.

      • I always wanted to be a drummer so, Keagy was my favorite. Ditto Rick Allen! I was too young to remember or even appreciate Keith Moon or John Bonham. I did get to enjoy powerhouse Carl Palmer when he was with Asia. Saw him up close & personal in Austin, TX. I’ve met & talked with Deen Castronovo.

        I’ve followed many…from Karen Carpenter (mostly in historical context…another one I was too young to appreciate at the time) to David Barbarossa…

        Don Henley was talented but, he is an ass. Phil Collins, to me, was a better drummer than singer/front man. I always thought Prairie Prince should have stayed with Journey but, then, there wouldn’t have been The Tubes.

        Thanks for sharing that!

        • I’m a metalhead to the bone, although I like all types of music. I played professionally for several years in what feels like a different lifetime. It’s always in your blood. I’m looking to put something else together soon, I want to write and record again with other people. I still play a lot.

  2. My music tastes are quite broad as well but, I followed AC/DC, Def Leppard & Journey all over Texas for several years (how I met Deen, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain & Ross Valory and, got to meet Joe Elliott, Rick Savage & Phil Collen…I have pix, too).

    Excellent on playing professionally…or not. I have some friends that have done the music biz. Oh, the stories… It ain’t always glamor. Can be rewarding. Can be tough.

    If you go back to recording, I’d like to see/hear some work.


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