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Intriguing ‘Eclipse Like’ Crop Circle Shows Up In Essex. Reported Just Days Before Solar Eclipse

By Joe Martino | Collective Evolution It’s just days before an eclipse of a lifetime and as the world readies for the sight and some for the energetic shifts, a new crop circle has appeared in a field at Sutton Hall near London Southend Airport. The circle was discovered on August 17, 2017 but it’s […]

5 Most Mysterious & Secretive Societies on the Planet

He’s absolutely correct when he says a real secret society would not make it to a video like this because you wouldn’t know of their existence…~TS Could someone you know secretly be part of a society? You may never know…

How Conspiracy Theories Really Work

By Paul Craig Roberts | Strategic Culture In the United States «conspiracy theory» is the name given to explanations that differ from those that serve the ruling oligarchy, the establishment or whatever we want to call those who set and control the agendas and the explanations that support the agendas. The explanations imposed on us […]

Mainstream Medical Science Will Be Forced to Admit Royal Rife Was Right

Note that this video was instantly screened as “not suitable” content as soon as I uploaded it, before I made it live. Something they don’t want people to know?

Astronaut Talks About Structures On Mars

I think there’s some older photos of Mars that are genuine that reveal some interesting structures on the surface. Unfortunately I also think NASA has purposely released photos that are obviously fake in order to discredit any genuine photos that are out there. They do this all the time, if something is released that reveals […]

Neil Sanders | Charles Manson, Beatles, Pizzagate

I’ve talked with Neil in the past, he’s a knowledgeable guy although I don’t agree with him on everything…~TS By End of Days Radio Neil Sanders is a long time researcher into all things Mind Control and author of “Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own: Mind control, mass manipulation and perception management” as well as […]

Solar Blast Illuminates Objects Near the Sun

Joe Rogan Experience #991 – Eddie Bravo

I don’t know if Eddie goes full retard in this with his flat Earth bullshit, I only watched part of it. Eddie is what I consider a conspiratainment guy, he bops around from one theory to the other and it never seems like he has a deep understanding of any of the stuff he talks […]

5 Conspiracy Theorists & Researchers Who Mysteriously Disappeared or were Seemingly Silenced…

Are all these cases just coincidental, or is there a lot more to this than we think?

Pedogate – Chester Bennington Murdered By Dad John Podesta? Friend Chris Cornell Killed Same Way?

I heard about this a few days ago and I just got around to watching the video. Stay with it, it gets interesting…~TS Police have reportedly launched a murder investigation into Chester Bennington’s death with insiders believing it is “extremely likely” the Linkin Park frontman was killed in eerily similar circumstances to his close friend […]

EX Nasa Scientists Share Concealed Information About The Face & Pyramid Found On Mars

By Arjun Walia | Collective Evolution In 1976, the United States sent a pair of space probes, known as Viking 1 and Viking 2, to Mars. Viking 1 was launched on August 20th, 1975, and Viking 2 was launched in September of the same year. Both probes photographed the surface of Mars from orbit, and one studied […]

CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11’

I obviously don’t believe WTC7 came down by itself and the official 9/11 narrative is bullshit, so this guy’s story doesn’t surprise me in the least… but it’s unverified. At this point it’s just a story…~TS By Baxter Dmitry | YourNewsWire 79-year-old retired CIA agent, Malcom Howard, has made a series of astonishing claims since […]

Moon Hoax and Why NASA May Have Faked It

I haven’t posted a moon hoax video in a long time so why not post one now. My opinion from reading about this stuff for a long time is I think we went but what they showed you on T.V. was staged, at least most of it. I think the technology they had back then […]

5 Terrifying & Nightmarish Facts About Sleep Paralysis

I used to suffer from sleep paralysis on a pretty regular basis when I was younger. I lived in multiple haunted houses growing up and my sleep paralysis always increased in frequency in those houses. Once I started living at a location that was “clean” it stopped. My theory is that some cases of sleep […]

Why Can’t People See What’s Happening?

Insight – Hollywoodism: The Ideology that has Devoured Western Culture

Western culture has come to define itself through an alien ideology disseminated through Hollywood. It is a superimposed culture, a fantasy structure that we’re all living in. True Western European values have been replaced by another, a new global religion called Hollywoodism. Who is behind this new ruling ideology, re-defining western culture?

Secret Government Buries Deep Underground Command Centers 1 Mile Below

Jeff & John Lenard Walson – Staggering Spaceship Photos – Ours?

Photos: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 The Jeff Rense Radio Archives contain interviews with over 18,000 people over a period of 24 years. Access and listen to some of the most stunning people of our times in often unforgettable interviews just like this one.

How do you think the pyramids were built? – Graham Hancock

5 Incredibly Strange & Mysterious Photographs That Need Explaining

A mysterious man found on a mobile phone that could be linked to a serious crime, to a supposed ghost caught on a baby monitor… Here are five very eerie images, that as of yet, are still surrounded in mystery…