Big Brother

The End Of Independent Media

More complaining about YouTube. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. YouTube is funded and run by the CIA and yet these people at these other “independent media” outlets expect YouTube to allow the free flow of information. I’m… Read More ›

The End of Humanity? AI Documentary 2018

Jay Myers Documentaries The rise of artificial intelligence is the greatest challenge humanity will ever face. Will we be destroyed by an army of super intelligent robots? This documentary explores the rise of technology and AI, including artificially intelligent drones… Read More ›

Teacher Forced To Resign Over A Name

Former Brownsburg High School orchestra teacher John Kluge, is without employment because he believes it’s wrong to call transgendered students by their “preferred” names, rather than the name which was given them at birth. By The Common Constitutionalist | Freedom… Read More ›