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Before Salem: Witchcraft Trials and the Historic Persecution of Witches

By The Paranormal Scholar Witchcraft trials and the persecution of witches in Medieval and Early Modern Europe was widespread. Before the infamous Salem Witch Trials, historical discourses on the dangers of Satanic witches and the damnable state of womankind had been in circulation for centuries. Witches were regarded as agents of the devil. Witchcraft was […]

🏴 False Flag Attacks 101 – What Is a False Flag Operation?

Conspiracy theorists seem to call every tragedy a “false flag attack”. But what exactly is a false flag operation? This video will introduce you to the subject!

The War That Changed The Course of History | The First World War | WW1 Documentary

It was supposed to be the war to end all wars. This, of course, was not the case….. RIP to all those who died during WWI.

Palestine and Israel: Instead Of Celebrating The Balfour Declaration, Britain Should Be Ashamed Of What It Did

By Sharif Nashashibi | The National UAE via Global Research This year marks the centenary of the infamous Balfour Declaration, a letter written in 1917 by Britain’s then-foreign secretary Lord Balfour to Baron Rothschild, a leader of the Zionist movement. In the letter, Balfour said the British government viewed “with favour the establishment in Palestine […]

From Witchcraft & Satanic Rites to Demon Possession

By Richard Smoley The supernatural: the images that come to mind when that word is uttered often are ones that arouse anxiety or dread. Why? To begin with, you can only be afraid of something that you believe is real. A child has a nightmare and wakes up; the parent consoles by saying “it was […]

Weapon Physicist Declassifies Rescued Nuclear Test Films

I’m not a fan of nuclear weapons. I’m also not a fan of fucking morons who say nuclear energy and nuclear bombs don’t exist. Yes, that’s the new brand of disinformation being spread around among certain groups. If people only saw some of the emails I get, it really is funny. I’ve had many belly […]

The Jesuits – A Buried Standard

By Continuing Counter Reformation This Church of the Gesu altarpiece by Jesuit artist Andrea Pozzo, S.J. (1642-1709), featuring Ignatius Loyola with his Red Standard, and reported by an article in the June 14, 2008 New York Times, was effectively buried about 1908, shortly prior to the rise of various 20th century political movements employing this […]

The Dark History of the House of Caesar: The Rise | Ancient Rome Audio Documentary

By The Paranormal Scholar Roman history is littered with strong personalities. Ancient Rome’s house of Caesar, established by Julius Caesar, had more than its fair share. So, how did Caesar rise to power? The Roman personalities of Julius and Augustus Caesar, Marc Antony and the Egyptian queen Cleopatra are all immortals of history. In just […]

Scrubbed From Textbooks — The US Government’s National Experiment in Extermination

By Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project In desperation to make effective the floundering Prohibition on alcohol, the U.S. government — unable to convince the public consumption of booze constituted a moral transgression — intentionally poisoned the supply in a last-ditch attempt to enforce State-mandated sobriety. This “chemist’s war of Prohibition” became, as outspoken […]

Deep State Pushing Trump Toward War with North Korea

Why is President Donald Trump sending nuclear warplanes to the Korean peninsula? Is he being tricked into an unnecessary war by the Deep State’s military-intelligence complex?

The Satanic Black Mass: Delving Into Its Secret History | Documentary

Not a bad short documentary, she touches on Anton Lavey (Howard Stanton Levey), a person that many people didn’t take seriously. The material she touches on about the Borborites and 17th and 18th century France is good…~TS The Black Mass is one of the most secretive and nefarious rituals. An inverted Christian Mass which centres […]

The Ever-Growing List of ADMITTED False Flag Attacks

By Washington’s Blog via Global Research The following instances are carefully documented by the author indicating sources and references. Some of the instances presented are subject to debate and interpretation (GR Editor) Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressmen, Generals, Soldiers and Police ADMIT to False Flag Terror In the following instances, officials in the government which carried […]

How The Cultural Marxists Of The Frankfurt School Subverted American Education

By Beau Albrecht | Return of Kings Perhaps you’ve wondered why so many college professors are so left-wing.  In your freshman year, you might have noted with dread—as I did—some of your fellow students “going with the flow” and molding their beliefs to fit in.  Perhaps one of them was you, before you grew up […]

Six Years Ago: The US-NATO-Israel Sponsored Al Qaeda Insurgency in Syria. Who Was Behind The 2011 “Protest Movement”?

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky | Global Research Author’s note The war on Syria started six  years ago in Daraa on the 17th of March 2011. The following article first published in May 2011 examines the inception of the jihadist terrorist insurgency. It recounts the events of March 17-18, 2011 in Daraa, a small border town […]

One Hundred Years Ago: the Triumph of the February Revolution 1917

By Michael Jabara Carley | Strategic Culture In mid-February 1917, according to the Julian calendar of Russia, the authority of the tsarist autocracy held by a thread, frayed by hundreds of years of oppression of the Russian menu peuple. A chasm existed between the glamorous world of the landed aristocracy and wealthy bourgeoisie who lived […]

The CIA vs. the presidency: this is not the first time

By Jon Rappoport | Jon Rappoport’s Blog —In 1947, the president of the United States, Harry Truman, decided: I’m going to create a snake and call it the CIA. Its watchword will be secrecy. It will collect secrets of our enemies and hold them secret and report the secrets to the president, who will decide […]

Top 10 Mafia Hits Of All Time: The Mob’s Greatest Hits

The first in our feature length documentary where we uncover the top 10 most brutal hits of all time – some of which changed the face of the Mafia and how it operated moving forwards. We talk you through Mafia hits that made it onto the front page of newspapers across the world, from hits […]

The Tensions Between Russia and the US Are Not a Historical By-Product

By Dmitry Minin | Strategic Culture It is argued that the more conflicts nations have had with one another in the past («historical traumas»), the more difficult it becomes to establish normal relations in the present. The opposite is also true – a previous alliance formed between nationalities while fighting critical battles smooths the path […]

The Inscrutable Madame Blavatsky: An Interview with Gary Lachman

 By Richard Smoley I was in search of the unknown… – Madame H.P. Blavatsky (1831-1890) Gary Lachman is one of today’s most intelligent and prolific authors on the world of the occult. He started out in the 1970s in the New York rock scene as one of the original members of the groundbreaking New Wave […]

Eisenhower Farewell Address – ‘Military Industrial Complex’ WARNING

By Ewafa All other versions of this video that I have seen have scratchy audio or bad video, so I decided to put together this one with the best quality of both. Jump to Ike’s warning about the “unwarranted influence… by the Military-Industrial Complex”: 8:41 Speech date: January 17, 1961