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RUSH – Tom Sawyer – Bonus Material Classic Albums

RUSH – Tom Sawyer – Bonus Material Classic Albums

Echo Etude Acoustic | Black Star – Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai

Generation Axe Live in Jakarta, April 21, 2017

5 Eric Johnson Style Descending Pentatonic Licks – with Tabs

Lick 1 0:59 Lick 2 4:04 Lick 3 7:00 Lick 4 9:10 Lick 5 11:25 In this lesson, I cover 5 descending pentatonic licks in the style of the great Eric Johnson. Licks like these are very noticeable in Eric’s lead playing style. If you’ve heard the big descending runs in songs like Cliffs of […]

Journey – Stone In Love

The outro guitar solo (during the piano part) by Neal Schon is one of the best solos he ever played and probably one of my top twenty personal favorite solos of all time…~TS

80’s Metal Music – A Trip Through 80s Metal 1980-1989

Video Description: Heavy Metal Bands, Thrash Metal Bands, Hair Metal Bands, Glam Bands, Hard Rock Bands.. these are bands that would have been on MTV’s Headbangers Ball in the 80s.

The Capt. Meets Paul Gilbert (2017) – Shred Alert

The Captain sits down with Paul Gilbert before his Guildford guitar clinic in March 2017.

George Lynch Skull and Bones guitar custom built by Christopher Woods

Jesus Christ, talk about a lot of work…~TS George playing the Skull and Bones guitar.

Ratt – Lack Of Communication – Lay It Down – You’re In Love – Round and Round

I’m dating myself, I used to like Ratt back in the day. There were worse bands, trust me…~TS Live at The Pool Deck, Monsters of Rock Cruise Oct. 1, 2016

How to do perfect guitar setups

By Wills Easy Guitar In this video I go over how to do perfect guitar setups. get rid of that fret buzz. Things like intonation, action height, pickup adjustment, truss rod, back angle, and more. this is the only video you will need to set up your guitar perfectly.

Richie Kotzen Live 2015

Jody Fisher Guitar Quick Tip – “Walking Bass”

In the video, top music school Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) Guitar Department Chair Jody Fisher talks about creating a walking bass line on guitar while comping.

Tesla – Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out)

Great band…~TS

Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, and Tommy Lee Jam

Montrose – Rock Candy

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Live at Montreux 1985 Full Concert (Remaster 96kHz.24-Bit. 1080p HD)

By Mega Backing Tracks Stevie Ray Vaughan – Live at Montreux 1985 Full Concert (Remaster 96kHz.24-Bit. 1080p HD) I take a lot of time to remastered and resynchornized this Masterpiece for you guys coz this is one of my favorite concert for ever. Thanks… 1. Program Start 0:00 2. Scuttle Buttin’ 0:01:41 3. Say What! […]

Cheap Trick on Live From Daryl’s House HDTV

Robin Zander is one of my all time favorite rock vocalists, he still sounds great. They do a rippin’ version of Family Man by Daryl Hall, it’s better than the original…~TS

Yngwie Malmsteen & New Japan Philharmonic: Far Beyond The Sun

Jeff Beck – Goodbye Pork Pie Hat / Brush With the Blues

UDO MUSIC FESTIVAL 2006 Live at Fuji Speedway 2006.7.22 Jeff Beck (g) Jason Rebello (key) Randy Hope-Taylor (b) Vinnie Colaiuta (ds)

20 Rhythm Licks in the Style of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan

By Guitar Lick Dojo In this lesson, I show how to play classic, rhythm licks in the style of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and John Mayer. Jimi Hendrix really popularized this style of playing – where you mix lead and rhythm playing seamlessly together. The style has been modified and emulated by countless guitarists, […]

The Making of Woody

This video shows the creation of Steve’s Woody Jem, for the Vai Academy “All About the Guitar” 2015 camp, made by master luthier Tak Hosono. Film shot by Mike Orrigo, edited by Taj Musco.

Eddie Van Halen – Solo/Eruption REACTION

I love this guy’s reaction, it brought a smile to my face. It brought back memories of the first time me and my friends heard Eddie…~TS