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THE DEEP STATE – 50 Year Old Recording Explains Why The World Is Going Crazy

The families and bloodlines talked about in this video predate the Bavarian Illuminati formed in 1776, same ancient cult, yet another name. Very interesting recording and on the money, I agree with pretty much all of it. This is the the type of information people should know and talk about. Instead we have “researchers” with […]

WHISTLEBLOWER: “All Misery On Earth Is A Business Model”

Dutch banking whistleblower Ronald Bernard is back and this time he’s exposing the entire international banking syndicate which controls not only the global monetary system, but the entire planet itself and all of its resources. The Bank For International Settlements sits atop the pyramid of power, followed by the IMF and World Bank. The power […]

The Elite Want to Transfer Consciousness into a New Body and Live Forever

Good luck with that…~TS

The S.M.A.R.T Psy-op Consumers Don’t Recognize

By Catherine J. Frompovich and Contributing researcher Kerri Ellen Wilder | Activist Post “Smart” is really S.M.A.R.T., an engineering acronym for Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Relevant – Time-based. The reality that ultimately will evolve from this psy-op is a dystopian future destructive of dignity and freedom. Your liberty, your privacy, and the American […]

The Entire Globalist System is Falling Apart — Harley Schlanger

By SGT Report It has never been more evident that the entire globalist system is falling apart. While James Comey hung himself in the public square on Thursday, it was again revealed that the “official” mainstream media narrative about the Russians hacking the US election is filled with more holes than Swiss cheese, and the […]

The Bilderberg 2017 Agenda: “The Trump Administration – A Progress Report”

By Tyler Durden | Zero hedge Every year, the world’s richest and most powerful business executives, bankers, media heads and politicians sit down in some luxurious and heavily guarded venue, and discuss how to shape the world in a way that maximizes profits for all involved, while perpetuating a status quo that has been highly […]

We Wuzn’t Kangz, END of Germany & Canada + Honour Enrichment

The Global Political Awakening and the New World Order

An old article from 2010 that I still think this is relevant and with the death Zbigniew Brzezinski it was a good time to repost it…~TS By Andrew Gavin Marshall | Global Research The Technological Revolution and the Future of Freedom, Part 1 There is a new and unique development in human history that is […]

Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Man Who Trained Osama Bin Laden in Warfare, Dead at 89

Total Globalist. Good riddance…~TS By The Free Thought Project Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the most influential US political thinkers at the height of the Cold War, has died aged 89, according to his daughter. The advocate of US hegemony, Brzezinski, authored numerous proposals to bring down the Soviet Union. “My father passed away peacefully tonight,” […]

These 100 Secret Societies Prove Who Really Rules America

Ron Garner Deathbed Reel

Ron Garner talks about his life’s research of Area 51 and whistleblowers who have come forward. Video was filmed at the nursing home where he was in hospice approximately 30 days before his passing.

House Looks to Increase Permanent U.S. Military Footprint in Europe

By Will Porter | The Daily Sheeple The House Armed Services Committee asked the Pentagon to estimate the cost of making what are now “rotational forces” in Europe permanent, chairman Rep. Mac Thornberry said Monday. Over the last year, the U.S. has made multiple deployments of ground troops to Eastern Europe, where they have participated […]

THE FOURTH TURNING: Destruction Coming To America

By SGT Report Squawker contributor Michael Hart joins me to discuss the destruction that is coming to America. According to Hart, A crisis is not coming. It is already here, and it will be as defining a moment in the history of the United States as the Great Depression, World War II, or the American […]

Who owns the world? Tracing half the corporate giants’ shares to 30 owners

By The Conversation When people say share ownership is highly diversified, they think most large public corporations have lots of shareholders – and often the largest shareholder has less than 15%, sometimes less than 5%, of the total shareholdings. But looking at it this way obscures the concentration that is taking place. The same organisations […]

🌎 The Psychopaths of the New World Order – Part 4 – Ronald Bernard Interview Analyzed

In part 4, I’m going to review some of the secrets revealed by New World Order insider, Ronald Bernard. We will analyze his interview and briefly review the psychopathic traits of some of the New World Order’s “usual suspects” – including Lord Jacob Rothschild, David Rockefeller, George Soros, Prince Bandar, Henry Kissinger and George HW […]

Why Mexican Immigration WILL END the United States

Interview With Dr. Steven Greer

From Wikipedia: “Steven Macon Greer (June 28, 1955) is an American retired medical doctor and ufologist who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and The Disclosure Project, which seeks the disclosure of allegedly suppressed UFO information.”

🌎 The Psychopaths of the New World Order – Part 3 – The Luciferian Agenda

Watch part 1 and 2. By End Times News Report In part 3, I’m going to talk just briefly about the psychopathic philosophy of world domination that is manifested in the globalist agenda and why we must stand in defense of the traditional family unit and our national border.

🌎 The Psychopaths of the New World Order – Part 2 – Organizational Structure

Watch part 1 There are people in our world who have a great deal of wealth and influence who share the common agenda of creating a ruling class that controls the entire world. These people are madmen. They are, in the strictest clinical sense of the word, psychopaths. In part 1, I explained to you […]

🌎 The Psychopaths of the New World Order – Part 1 – What is a Psychopath?

There are people in our world who have a great deal of wealth and influence who share the common agenda of creating a ruling class that controls the entire world. These people are madmen. They are, in the strictest clinical sense of the word, psychopaths. In part 1, I’m going to explain to you exactly […]