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UNDERCOVER: Fat-Pride Panel Crashed By Crowder

At a #SXSW panel, we ask angry, hungry feminists some reasonable medical questions. Triggering follows. Is normal.

Elitist Assholes Like Josh Barro Helped Make Trump Possible

Paid troll comes to mind…~TS By Ethan Ralph | The Ralph Retort Josh Barro is an elitist scumbag who doesn’t even try to hide it. He can be amusing at times, true. But his Twitter account drips with such condescension and hostility towards anyone who doesn’t live on a coastline that even his bright moments […]

Conservative talk show host Michael Savage assaulted by Trump-hater

By Adam Garrie | The Duran Violence is never the proper answer to someone’s freedom of speech Popular American talk show host Michael Savage has been the victim of a violent assault. According to Breitbart’s exclusive report, the 74 year old 5 foot 6 Savage, was punched and knocked to the ground by an assailant […]

Number of Children Wanting to Become Opposite Sex Doubling Each Year in Sweden, Say Doctors

By RT The number of children feeling the anxiety of being trapped in the wrong body is doubling each year in Sweden, with children as young as six wanting to become the opposite sex, doctors have said, according to local media.Last year, a Swedish gender investigation team saw some 197 children and young people keen […]

SXSW – ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ Cellphone Zombies

Cellphone zombies roam the streets at SXSW in search of brains among the living. Infowars reporter Millie Weaver delves into the thick of it asking people questions about society’s overuse of cellphone technology. Startling, Millie runs into a purple guy and an Infowars listener who seem to be the only coherent individuals within the SXSW […]

Squier Classic Vibe Strat vs Fender Standard Strat

Cenk Uygur #SXSW Panel CRASHED by Crowder… As Cenk Uygur

lol On March 12th, 2017, Cenk Uygur (pronounced: wee-grrr?) of “The Young Turks” was commissioned to speak as a #SXSW panelist to an eighth of a room full of people. As anticipated, the session was dull, uneventful and uninspired. That is until…

Dear Washington Post: Costco Carrying Orwell’s ‘1984’ Is Not a F*cking Joke

By James Holbrooks | The Anti Media “Next time you’re at Costco, you can pick up a jumbo bag of Cheetos and a copy of ‘1984.’ Doubleplus good!” That’s how the Washington Post opened its quick little entry on Wednesday. Continuing, Ron Charles, editor of Book World for the Post, wrote: “The discount store is […]

CITIZEN JOURNALISTS: Doing The Work The MSM Won’t – Brittany Pettibone

By SGTreport Author, Twitter sensation and citizen Journalist Brittany Pettibone joins me to discuss Pedogate and the rise of citizen journalism, the last defense against the criminally corrupt, corporate controlled mainstream media. Follow Brittany on Twitter @BrittPettibone

Celebrities Always Know What’s Best

Celebrities always know what’s best and everything they say is taken as gospel by millions of moronic Americans who mindlessly believe anything they say, and think they’re all-knowing beings and experts at everything. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. Copyright © 2017 by Mark Dice. Do not download or re-upload this video in whole […]

David Seaman – Pizzagate Slander Response

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The Federal Reserve Explained in 3 Minutes

Money – whether its a tangible piece of paper or a number on a screen – is intrinsically worthless, yet it fuels the modern world. In America the ultimate control of money rests with the bankers of the Federal Reserve System. Because of this it is detrimental that we as citizens understand how this shadowy […]

Truck crashes into Centro bus in Syracuse, gets stuck

Whoops…rough ride to work…~TS Passengers and a driver on a Centro bus were injured Jan. 19, 2017, when a pickup-truck crashed into and became stuck in the side of a bus on the north side of Syracuse, N.Y., according to city police. This is raw video from the security camera on the bus which shows […]

Video Surfaces of Bill Maher Defending A 35-Year-Old Having Sex With A 12-Year-Old

Maybe Bill has been reading the Talmud.. oh sorry just thinking out loud, carry on…~TS By Darius Shahtahmasebi | The Anti Media “Real Time” host and comedian Bill Maher and former Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos have more in common than an apparent love for Islamophobic rants. Barely hours after Bill Maher credited himself with […]

Body Language: Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors

By Bombard’s Body Language ***Strictly my Opinion*** We look at ritual survivors and how to tell if they are really victims. This is a patreon Video…I only keep 10 up on patreon at a time…I uploads these when i need a day off to take care of business. So this is one that served its […]

Sweden’s Million-Dollar Refugee Industry

By Stefan Molyneux Question: “I live in Sweden and a year ago my family got a call from the Swedish rescue service and offered what I call a deal with the devil. The deal was for us was to house up to 30 refugees for the most ridiculous sum of money I have ever seen. […]

PRANK CALLS: Will Liberal Churches Accept Refugees??

Progressive churches demand that we accept refugees with open arms. So in good faith we gave them all a call to see just how many refugees they could house.

Body Language: John F. Kennedy

By Bombard’s Body Language ***Strictly my Opinion*** We look at a healthy political family. As we will not see a lot of body language but we see a dynamic in the USA we dont see anymore.

Milk, The New Symbol of White Supremacy

By Red Ice TV Turns out that milk is the new code word that White supremacists used to communicate and project their superiority upon lesser lactose intolerant untermensch.