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How Society Kills Your Creativity – In An Award Winning Pixar-Esque Short Film

These days if you’re a creative person you’re diagnosed as having a mental illness…~TS By Alanna Ketler | Collective Evolution When it comes to our modern day society, there is no doubt that we are being told how to live and what our lives are supposed to look like. When we are born we have […]

Should Trump Legalize Weed?

Help! I’m Dating a Social Justice Warrior!

By Stefan Molyneux Question: “My fiancée is a leftist Canadian woman currently enrolled in teaching school and I am a conservative labor working man living in the United States. I have managed to make a small break through to her delusional liberal beliefs but can’t quite manage a major breakthrough. What advice could you give […]

Thoughts on Alex Jones as a “Performance Artist”

I agree with what Tarl (Styx) says here, although I still think Alex may be a little crazy…and there’s nothing wrong with that in my book, just as long as you have a good heart and you don’t hurt people…~TS

Movies Hollywood Was Forced To Change For China

When it comes to global box office, China is projected to overtake the United States as the biggest market in the world by 2020. Chinese law, however, only allows 34 Hollywood films to be released on the mainland each year, meaning there’s an intense competition to earn one of those coveted slots. And since Chinese […]

5 Incredibly Strange & Mysterious Disappearances That May Forever Remain Unsolved

From one of the most mysterious aviation disappearances in history linked to an encounter with a UFO to an incredibly eerie abandoned boat that was left in the ocean with its crew nowhere to be found…. Here are five of some of the strangest and most unusual disappearances in history.

Sign of the Times: Google Searches for ‘World War 3’ Hit Highest Peak EVER

By Jack Burns | The Free Thought Project As further evidence the United States is inching dangerously toward armed conflict with Russian, China, and Iran, the actual term “World War III” is being searched on the Internet at an all-time historic high. Google began tracking trending topics in 2004. Since that time, the term hasn’t […]

5 Strangest Radio Stations & Most Mysterious Transmissions

From an unexplained Russian radio station playing strange sounds, to the infamous Yosemite Sam broadcast… Here are five eerie radio stations and transmissions from around the world!

Visualizing The Netflix Generation

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge Since launching in the United States in 1948, cable television quickly emerged as the media consumption method of choice for families around the world. Cable brought to us some of the most memorable and noteworthy events in history. People saw the fall of the Berlin Wall from their living […]

10 Most Mysterious Paranormal Photos That Defy Belief

Mysterious paranormal photos that cannot be explained defy belief. The Paranormal Scholar explains the facts behind ten of the most mysterious paranormal photos ever taken. As far as possible we aim to provide the details. Yet, in the case of these mysterious photos, every discovery is met with further questions. These photos should not exist. […]

5 Creepy & Incredibly Mysterious Videos That Need An Explanation

From a supposed South American mythical creature caught on camera to a terrifying ghost believed to have been spotted in Czech Republic… Here are five mysterious videos that need some serious explaining…..

Tara McCarthy & Melissa – Finding Redpilled Love & Friendships

Melissa is a wife, mother, and full-time technical writer. She has a keen interest in politics, culture, and philosophy. Melissa created her blog, The New Femininity, to connect with men and women who have chosen to reject the sham that is post-modern society. Tara, also known as Reality Calls, is a British YouTuber. Although she […]

Body Language: Elon Musk

I started posting videos from Bombard’s Body Language in early January 2017. Apparently other blogs have picked up on her material as well. I haven’t been posting as much of her material as of late because it sort of got played out for me…~TS

Black Woman Destroys White Privilege Myth

It’s rubbish. Don’t believe the hype!

Unmasking Zozo the Ouija Board Demon: the Making of a Modern Myth

This video covers the “Zozo” myth, or should I say bullshit story. She gets into “Zoso” and the link to Jimmy Page. Zoso is a sigul representing Saturn, the planetary ruler of lead. Plus Page is a Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn. It’s well known that Page was into the occult…~TS Zozo the demon […]

UNDERCOVER: Fat-Pride Panel Crashed By Crowder

At a #SXSW panel, we ask angry, hungry feminists some reasonable medical questions. Triggering follows. Is normal.

Elitist Assholes Like Josh Barro Helped Make Trump Possible

Paid troll comes to mind…~TS By Ethan Ralph | The Ralph Retort Josh Barro is an elitist scumbag who doesn’t even try to hide it. He can be amusing at times, true. But his Twitter account drips with such condescension and hostility towards anyone who doesn’t live on a coastline that even his bright moments […]

Conservative talk show host Michael Savage assaulted by Trump-hater

By Adam Garrie | The Duran Violence is never the proper answer to someone’s freedom of speech Popular American talk show host Michael Savage has been the victim of a violent assault. According to Breitbart’s exclusive report, the 74 year old 5 foot 6 Savage, was punched and knocked to the ground by an assailant […]

Number of Children Wanting to Become Opposite Sex Doubling Each Year in Sweden, Say Doctors

By RT The number of children feeling the anxiety of being trapped in the wrong body is doubling each year in Sweden, with children as young as six wanting to become the opposite sex, doctors have said, according to local media.Last year, a Swedish gender investigation team saw some 197 children and young people keen […]

SXSW – ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ Cellphone Zombies

Cellphone zombies roam the streets at SXSW in search of brains among the living. Infowars reporter Millie Weaver delves into the thick of it asking people questions about society’s overuse of cellphone technology. Startling, Millie runs into a purple guy and an Infowars listener who seem to be the only coherent individuals within the SXSW […]