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3 Haunted Paintings and Their Histories Revealed

Haunted paintings can be creepy or sad. However, haunted art becomes all the more disturbing once its history is revealed. Curses and ghosts attach themselves to these objects because of their dark pasts. Some call these spirits dybbuks. From serial killers to tragic victims, the Paranormal Scholar presents three of the most interesting haunted paintings. […]

5 Terrifying Paranormal Activity Encounters, Tales & Stories

Do you believe in ghosts?

3 Allegedly True Dark Entity Ghost Stories | Real Paranormal Stories Series

By The Paranormal Scholar True horror stories are the perfect way to spend an evening. So, snuggle down and prepare to be terrified, as I narrate 3 subscriber submitted dark entity ghost stories. These allegedly true tales of terror will leave you hiding under the covers…

Paranormal Stories Compilation

Compilation of Real Paranormal Stories from the Paranormal Scholar 2016. **All of these paranormal stories are claimed to be true and were submitted to us by our subscribers. With their approval, with have done minor editing for narration. We would like to thank them for allowing us to share their experiences in this video. 1. […]

Explaining the Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is one of the most mysterious modern paranormal phenomenon encountered. The Mandela Effect is the conscious remembering of events that never happened. Confounding and tormenting those who experience these mysterious moments, there are many claimed examples of the Mandela Effect, from the Berenstain Bears to a movie that has never existed, starring […]

10 Most Mysterious Paranormal Photos That Defy Belief

Mysterious paranormal photos that cannot be explained defy belief. The Paranormal Scholar explains the facts behind ten of the most mysterious paranormal photos ever taken. As far as possible we aim to provide the details. Yet, in the case of these mysterious photos, every discovery is met with further questions. These photos should not exist. […]

The Curse of the Mummies | Documentary

The curse of the mummies has haunted people since ancient times. Tombs were often enchanted with a written curse to make sure no one would interrupt the pharaohs and others eternal slumbers. Those tombs were their home and if you disrupted their mummified bodies, they would haunt your home too with curses. At least that […]

Delphine Lalaurie’s Haunted Painting and its Dark History | Documentary

Delphine Lalaurie’s portrait is said to be the most haunted painting in the world. This piece of Haunted art is so plagued by paranormal activity that it has been locked away in an unknown location. After all, it is haunted by “a demon in the form of a woman”: Delphine Lalaurie. Delphine Lalaurie’s tale may […]

Paranormal Q&A: Demons, Dreaming of the Future and the Power of Names

I started posting videos from The Paranormal Scholar in early March 2017. Apparently other blogs have picked up on her material as well. A number of people have contacted me and told me I got them interested in her material so I know a number of my followers have subscribed to her YouTube channel after […]

Paranormal Q&A: Life After Death, Aliens and the Dangers of Spirit Communication

In this paranormal Q&A, the Paranormal Scholar discusses life after death, aliens, the dangers of spirit communications, the difference between ghosts and spirits, and more! So, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and sit down and listen to this podcast-style paranormal questions and answers.

From Witchcraft & Satanic Rites to Demon Possession

By Richard Smoley The supernatural: the images that come to mind when that word is uttered often are ones that arouse anxiety or dread. Why? To begin with, you can only be afraid of something that you believe is real. A child has a nightmare and wakes up; the parent consoles by saying “it was […]

Do Vampires Exist? The Paranormal Mystery of Arnold Paole and the Flückinger Report | Documentary

Just a heads up for everybody, I’m going to try to cover a wider variety of topics on this blog because frankly I’m bored with the NWO/Surveillance State/Police State stuff and politics. While those topics are very important my intention when I originally started this site was to cover a myriad of topics, especially those […]

Anneliese Michel: the Girl, the Possession, the Exorcisms | Documentary

Anneliese Michel endured over 60 sessions of Catholic exorcism. It was claimed she was possessed by 6 demons, including Lucifer and Hitler. Her possession, exorcisms and eventual death went on to inspire the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose. The true story behind the movie is one of horror, mystery and, ultimately, great tragedy. So, […]

The Real Amityville Horror: Unveiling the Terror Behind the Fiction | Documentary

“The Amityville case affected our personal lives more than any case we ever worked on.” – Lorraine Warren The Paranormal Scholar presents the truth behind the legendary Amityville Horror film franchise. We will separate the fact from the fiction, to reveal the true terror lurking behind the infamous movie and book. There is more to […]

5 Extremely Strange & Creepy Paranormal Photographs

Do you believe in ghosts?

5 Extremely Creepy & Mysterious Unsolved Mysteries

Five of some of the creepiest and most mysterious unsolved mysteries I can find!

5 Incredibly Strange & Mysterious Videos That Need Some Explaining

Unexplained CCTV footage of an unsolved disappearance, to a video, posted that is supposed to reveal something deep in tunnels of the great pyramids of Giza…

Consciousness, Resonance & the Paranormal: Synchronised Swimming in the Quantum Sea

By Marie D. Jones As a kid, watching the synchronised swimming competition of the summer Olympic games, I was always struck by how silly the sport seemed. Not to mention how it looked! Later, as a wise adult, I came to understand and appreciate both the degree of difficulty of getting human bodies to move […]

5 Scary Stories & Paranormal Encounters | Viewer Submissions

I get lots of people sending me in their personal stories, usually paranormal or alien related. Here is a selection of five that I found especially worth sharing (with the permission of the sender of course!) So from a terrifying ouija board experience to a creepy hitchhiker encounter. Here are five creepy and mysterious stories […]

5 Most Haunted & Cursed Items in The World

I get many emails from people sharing their own stories with me, most of which are creepy encounters they have had with usually paranormal beings. Here are five of some of the scariest stories I have been sent. Sit back and enjoy!