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Can Cats and Dogs See ‘Spirits’? Science Confirms They Can See Frequencies We Can’t

Damn straight they can. I lived in several haunted locations growing up and my animals would frequently track things with their eyes I couldn’t see. I would sit and watch them follow things around the house or bark at something that wasn’t there except a wall. This routinely happened in houses I considered “active”…~TS By […]

What a Leading Psychologist Knows About Demonic Possession

By Buck Rogers | Waking Times “We are not dealing here with purely material reality, but with the spiritual realm.” ~Richard Gallagher Reported cases of demonic possession are on the rise worldwide. In 2016, ABC News reported a sharp increase in exorcism, while noting that even the Pope himself was called upon to perform exorcism […]

3 True Stalked by Evil Stories | Real Paranormal Stories Series

By The Paranormal Scholar Sit down and listen to 3 allegedly true paranormal encounters, in which our subscribers claimed they were stalked by evil. As always, 100% subscriber-submitted. 100% terrifying.

5 Terrifying Wartime Monster Sightings

By The Paranormal Scholar In folklore and history books, reports of wartime monster sightings have been made for centuries. On the battlefield, the enemy is not always obvious…

5 Incredibly Strange & Mysterious Photographs That Need Explaining

A mysterious man found on a mobile phone that could be linked to a serious crime, to a supposed ghost caught on a baby monitor… Here are five very eerie images, that as of yet, are still surrounded in mystery…

The Enigma of Franek Kluski | Documentary

By The Paranormal Scholar Franek Kluski was a Polish banker, journalist, writer and physical medium. Less common than forms of mental mediumship, physical mediumship is bizarre to say the least. Spirit materialisations, apports and ectoplasm test the limit of our open-mindedness, especially when one considers the damaged historic reputation of physical mediums. It is for […]

5 Historic Encounters with the Devil

By The Paranormal Scholar The devil appears in folklore throughout history. Some alleged encounters with the devil are dark, often resulting in demonic possession. Other encounters with the devil in result in the great beast being thwarted by man.

5 Creepiest & Most Chilling Pieces of Unexplained Footage

Have the mysterious black eyed children finally been spotted in real life on camera?

5 Extremely Chilling & Unexplained Paranormal Beings Caught on Tape

Here are five creepy videos that many believe contain paranormal beings…

4 Terrifying Paranormal Encounters Ft. Swamp Dweller | Real Paranormal Stories Series

By The Paranormal Scholar What lurks in the darkness, just waiting out of sight…? It is with great sadness that I announce that the author of the first story passed away in May of this year. As such, this video is dedicated to the memory of Roy Woods, “the greatest father to have ever lived”, […]

The Perron Family Haunting | The True Story Behind The Conjuring

The Conjuring is one of the most popular horror movies of modern times. It was based on the ‘true’ story of the Perrons, a family haunted by spirits, including the malevolent Bathseba – a woman accused of being a witch. What is the truth behind the haunting of the Perron family, and The Conjuring film […]

In Search of the Dead (TBC) | Live Paranormal Podcast Ep. 1

By The Paranormal Scholar In my first ever live paranormal podcast, my husband and I reveal more about our upcoming documentary project, and discuss our starting beliefs regarding ghosts, spirits and the afterlife.

Top 10 Paranormal Facts

By The Paranormal Scholar Paranormal facts compilation. In this video, I showcase some of the best paranormal facts featured by the Paranormal Scholar in 2016. Are these facts some of the best evidence of the paranormal?

Annabelle the Doll: The Origins

Annabelle the doll is true horror. Made famous by Ed and Lorraine Warren, who first discovered the possessed doll, the allegedly true story of Annabelle has inspired a book, and two of the films from The Conjuring film franchise. On the silver screen Annabelle is an prized antique doll that plagues the living with death […]

5 Murderers Who Claimed to be Possessed by Demons

Possessed people have been known to be violent. In fact, some of those suffering from demonic possession have killed in the name of Satan. The Paranormal Scholar presents five of the most barbaric murders committed by those who claimed to be possessed by demonic forces. From historic legal cases to ongoing court proceedings, the murderers […]

3 Haunted Paintings and Their Histories Revealed

Haunted paintings can be creepy or sad. However, haunted art becomes all the more disturbing once its history is revealed. Curses and ghosts attach themselves to these objects because of their dark pasts. Some call these spirits dybbuks. From serial killers to tragic victims, the Paranormal Scholar presents three of the most interesting haunted paintings. […]

5 Terrifying Paranormal Activity Encounters, Tales & Stories

Do you believe in ghosts?

3 Allegedly True Dark Entity Ghost Stories | Real Paranormal Stories Series

By The Paranormal Scholar True horror stories are the perfect way to spend an evening. So, snuggle down and prepare to be terrified, as I narrate 3 subscriber submitted dark entity ghost stories. These allegedly true tales of terror will leave you hiding under the covers…

Paranormal Stories Compilation

Compilation of Real Paranormal Stories from the Paranormal Scholar 2016. **All of these paranormal stories are claimed to be true and were submitted to us by our subscribers. With their approval, with have done minor editing for narration. We would like to thank them for allowing us to share their experiences in this video. 1. […]

Explaining the Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is one of the most mysterious modern paranormal phenomenon encountered. The Mandela Effect is the conscious remembering of events that never happened. Confounding and tormenting those who experience these mysterious moments, there are many claimed examples of the Mandela Effect, from the Berenstain Bears to a movie that has never existed, starring […]