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TYT’s Hilarious Bernie Sanders Delusion | Louder With Crowder

This fat fuck Cenk just doesn’t give up. By the way a question for Steven..when did Bernie Sanders turn into Gilbert Gottfried?…~TS Cenk Uygur and the TYT gang are at it again. This time, with full blown #SJW clickbait pushing Bernie Sanders for another shot at the presidency in 2020. Hilarity ensues with Crowder and […]

Reporter Asks President Trump if He Asked Comey to End Flynn Investigation – “NO!” (FNN)

By Kaitlin Collins | Daily Caller Donald Trump had a one-word response when he was asked if it was true that he requested James Comey shut down the federal investigation into Mike Flynn: “No.” In a press conference with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos at the White House Thursday, Trump offered his first public remarks […]

Trump Decries “Witch Hunt” Investigations and Speculations

A Perspective About Donald Trump, The FBI Director, & North Korea You’ll Never See From Mainstream Media

By Arjun Walia | Collective Evolution I think it’s safe to say at this point that the American political system has become one big joke. Presidential races, for the most part, now serve merely as entertainment, meant to captivate the attention of millions of people rather than stand as forums to discuss the many real issues our world currently faces. What’s more, […]

Kushner And Ivanka Highly Valuable NWO Assets

Alex Jones breaks down the internal dynamics that have compromised Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Two of President Trump’s closest confidantes that unfortunately have an agenda that is at complete odds with President Trump’s policies and destiny as the leader of the free world.

For the Balkans, Trump is No Different Than Obama

By Wayne Madsen | Strategic Culture To have taken U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign promises seriously, one would have believed that the United States would cease its constant attempts to replace governments it does not like with compliant regimes through the counter-democratic process of provoking «themed» or «color» revolutions. As global interventionists and neo-conservatives continue […]

Jared Kushner Failed to Disclose Soros, Goldman Sachs Ties, & $1 Billion Debt

Trump needs to toss his daughter and Jared out of the White House. While he’s at he should flush Pompeo, Comey, Ryan, and Priebus down the fucking toilet…~TS By Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project President Trump’s son-in-law and top White House adviser, Jared Kushner failed miserably in disclosing the most pertinent information conceivable […]

Visibly annoyed President Trump tells CBS News to leave White House: “That’s enough”

By Alex Christoforyou | The Duran Trump gets annoyed with questions about Obama, ends CBS interview: ‘That’s enough’. POTUS Trump ended an interview with CBS News in the Oval Office, saying “that’s enough” and waving his hand at interviewer John Dickerson. Trump was visibly irked by Dickerson repeatedly asking him about the wiretapping accusations he […]

Trump Touts Achievements, Blames Dems For Disappointments, Blasts Media In 100-Day Rally

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge It was back to “campaign Trump” last night in Harrisburg, PA. Donald Trump celebrated his 100th day in office on Saturday by holding a “freewheeling campaign-style rally“, touting the accomplishments of his first three plus months in office, ignoring the disappointments, and once again slamming the media. Trump held […]

Here are the Top 10 Broken Promises of Trump’s First 100 Days

By Annabelle Bamforth | The Free Thought Project President Donald Trump has hit his 100-day mark as commander in chief. While Trump has made good on some of his promises such as making adjustments to government agencies, creating a coalition to combat the opioid crisis, and making sweeping changes to the federal tax code, he […]

NATO’s Emerging Outsourced Eastern Flank

By Wayne Madsen | Strategic Culture A series of moves by NATO’s Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) partner, the United Arab Emirates, has many observers in the Indian Ocean littoral nations wondering out loud whether the «North Atlantic» military pact is moving into the Indian Ocean and Arabian Peninsula, courtesy of an «outsourcing» deal with the […]

France: a Stage Show About Power, in the Year 2017

By Vladimir Maximenko | Strategic Culture Elections must never put voters to sleep. This is now the rule in both Europe and the US. The ferocity of Trump’s and Clinton’s campaign spats in the US and the intrigues surrounding Hofer in Austria and Wilders in Holland all help to enliven pubic life by injecting a […]

The 10 Commandments of the deep state

By Adam Garrie | The Duran Donald Trump now acts with all the zeal of a fresh convert to an extremist ideology. Many have observed the phenomenon that converts to any cause, faith or way of life, often practice it with more zeal than those born into a situation, faith or lifestyle. Take for example […]

If Trump Does THIS, It’s GAME OVER!

Ivanka Trump and jared Kushner are reportedly urging Donald Trump to flip flop on yet another important campaign promise. And this one’s a biggie. If Trump reneges on this one, it’s GAME OVER – and as one Zero Hedge reader put it, his journey to the dark side will be complete. By The_Real_Fly | iBankCoin […]

What Nightmare Comes Next?

Trump, Neocons, Brand New Wars… What Nightmare Comes Next?

Trump: The New Face Of Crony Capitalism?

Donald Trump is reviving the Export Import Bank which has been nothing but a tool of big gov’t to dish out fat contracts to their buddies in big business.

Jared Kushner: A Suspected Gangster Within the Trump White House

A suspected Zionist. This is a very interesting article, it outlines Jared’s ties to Israeli power players, go figure…~TS By Wayne Madsen | Strategic Culture Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has emerged as a significant influence within the policy-making apparatus of the White House. After a rather public imbroglio with Trump’s strategic policy adviser Stephen […]

The Swamp Is Winning — Jason Burack

I like how this kid dances around the topic of Zionism…~TS Jason Burack from WallStForMainST joins me to discuss Trump VS. the swamp. And it appears that the swamp is winning.

Trump adviser Gorka: No full-on war in Syria, ‘this is not the Bush administration’

O.K., tell everybody in Donald’s administration that same thing. But then I hear there’s already 10,000 troops there…~TS By Makada Duncanson | The American Mirror Deputy assistant to the president Sebastian Gorka gave an interview on The Laura Ingraham Show on Friday where he made it clear to supporters of the president that last weeks strike on […]

Trump’s Michigan Base Begins to Fall Out of Love with The Donald

By Raheem Kassam | Breitbart DETROIT, Michigan — President Trump’s base appears to be growing concerned with the direction of his administration, against the backdrop of a number of drastic policy shifts from the campaign period as well as his first few weeks in office. As the notorious “first 100 days” mark rushes up on […]