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CNN destroyed by twitter users after trying to troll RT (Video)

CNN tries to troll RT and instead gets immediately owned. By Alex Christoforyou | The Duran CNN tries to troll RT and instead gets immediately owned. CNN’s Jake Tapper tried to troll RT with the tweet below, which is reality is a veiled effort to do the bidding of his corporatist masters by trying to […]

📢 Conservative Fury As Trump Praises Radical Leftist Agitators in Boston

This is part of the problem with Trump, he’ll say or do one thing that is pro-nationalism then days or weeks later he’ll do a 180 and say or do something that is pro-globalism or marxism. You’re either a nationalist or a globalist, period, can’t be both Donny boy, despite what your daughter and her […]

Media Remains Silent on Sen. McCain’s KKK Ancestry and How He Put Neo-Nazis in Power in Ukraine

Songbird Johnny…~TS The mainstream media applauded John McCain for his criticism of President Trump, but it left out a few key elements of his history with Neo-Nazis. By Rachel Blevins | The Free Thought Project When former Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain is mentioned in the media, he is typically painted in a good light—an […]

Death of a Nation

By James George Jatras | Strategic Culture Every living nation needs symbols. They tell us who we are as one people, in what we believe, and on what basis we organize our common life. This fact seems to be very clear to the current leadership in Russia, particularly to President Vladimir Putin, in restoring and reunifying […]

I Don’t Care About Charlottesville, the KKK, or White Supremacy

Why Blacks Are Fleeing the Racist Democrat Party 🚨

And they bitch about David Duke, who by the way I’m starting to think may be an intelligence agency stooge and provocateur. He just happened to be at the “wrong place at the wrong time” in Charlottesville, VA last week and he loves to mention Trump’s name all the time…~TS By End Times News Report […]

Charlottesville Confirmed Agitprop Staged Event

The Charlottesville event was a planned act of “agi-prop”, or Agitation Propaganda, designed to stir up the populous and turn us against each other so the deep state can enter and take us all down.

CNN Host Cries Over Trump Blaming “Both Sides”

What a bunch of fucking idiots…~TS Van Jones on CNN cries over President Trump blaming both sides, and Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and others looked like they were holding back tears. The liberal media freakout hasn’t been this bad since Hillary lost the election.

Trump Disavows Racists Over and Over Again – While Media Says Exactly the Opposite

By Mark Dice Watch Donald Trump disavow David Duke, the KKK and all racists, over and over again, dating back 17 years, while the liberal media keeps denying he did, and insists he must be a racist himself.

Confirmed: Police Told to Stand Down in Charlottesville—Did Nothing as War Broke Out

The ACLU confirmed late Saturday that police were given stand-down orders in Charlottesville. This invited violence and only fueled the chaos. By Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project Charlottesville, VA — The events that unfolded in Charlottesville, Virginia this Saturday were tragic, hateful, insidious and even deadly. Saturday will go down in history as […]

What They’re NOT Telling You About The Charlottesville Race Riots

Many people consider a white nationalist as somebody who wants to preserve western civilization. There’s extremes in everything, racists come in every color. I’m not a fan of the KKK. Furthermore, I consider people who want to keep the republic in tact, who want sovereignty, don’t want open borders, don’t want mass migration, and reject […]

Charlottesville, Trump’s Response, Car Plows into Crowd, Helicopter Downed; My Response to Chaos

By Styxhexenhammer666 Plenty of criticism to go round.

Monsters Inc – Amazon, Google and Facebook – David Icke Dot-Connector

Social Engineering Via Media 101 – How to Normalize the Absurd

By Sigmund Fraud | Waking Times Ever pay attention to trends in the media? Some stories and narratives rise and fall in cycles, along with your awareness of them. It’s kind of like a shell game, where the street hustler directs your attention to one shell as a distraction while he shuffles aside the nut […]

UK To Crack Down And Ban All Ads Containing Gender Stereotypes

By Alanna Ketler | Collective Evolution Sometimes it’s easy to ignore things we wish were different in society by telling ourselves, Well, that’s just the way things are. We often don’t question why things are a certain way or realize that we are capable of changing them, but just because things are done one way, or have been done […]

What EVERY American MUST Know About N. Korea and “Fire & Fury”

Mainstream media and the establishment pumping out FUD as usual…~TS I try like crazy to make videos for ya 7 days a week…because YouTube deems the majority of my content “not advertiser friendly,” my channel is primarily fan-funded by you…the viewer. If you enjoy this content and would like to help get more videos like […]

Mainstream Media LYING About North Korea to Drum Up Support for Deep State War

North Korea did not make an unqualified threat to attack the US base in Guam. The mainstream media is completely twisting what was said in the North Korean statement following Trump’s “fire and fury” threat. Here is what North Korea ACTUALLY said…

Trump Surrounded By Deep State Wolves

A Pre Dawn raid of former campaign manager Paul Manafort’s home by the FBI is a warning sign that the Deep State is behind this gestapo level Russian fairy tale that will not die. FOX News reports “Armed with a search warrant, federal agents went to Manafort’s Alexandria home during the predawn hours of July […]

#GoogleMemo: Portrait of a Civilization Gone Mad

A Brief History of Fake News

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES [NOTE: This video was produced for on October 31, 2012. It is being made available in its entirety here for the first time.] Military deception is an ancient and time-honoured art. Throughout recorded history, military commanders have attempted to spread false news and seed false information as part of psychological warfare […]