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How Reality Is Being Manufactured

Hey you finally caught on Melissa. Thought (and action) creates reality. Everything in this video is basic stuff as far as I’m concerned but it’s decent for the people who are new to this type of information. I like the Mark Passio slide she used in the video. I highly suggest checking out Mark Passio’s […]

Why I Became Subscriber 54,722,199 and YouTube’s Death Wish!

The lies we’re being fed about what’s going on with Google/YouTube and the advertiser boycott are over the top. The Major Network owners are pulling out all the stops.

France: a Stage Show About Power, in the Year 2017

By Vladimir Maximenko | Strategic Culture Elections must never put voters to sleep. This is now the rule in both Europe and the US. The ferocity of Trump’s and Clinton’s campaign spats in the US and the intrigues surrounding Hofer in Austria and Wilders in Holland all help to enliven pubic life by injecting a […]

Operation Gotham Shield: U.S. Gov’t To “Simulate Nuke Blast Over Manhattan”

I read about this days ago and I didn’t post anything about it because I don’t like participating in the spread of FUD, I save that for the amateurs on YouTube, Facebook and Blogger. Anyway, here’s some more theater, I wouldn’t bite my nails over it…~TS By Mac Slavo | SHTFplan False flag watch is […]

French Candidate Fillon Calls For Suspension of Campaign Activities After Paris Attack

Of course. More theater…~TS Calls for ‘international coalition to fight terrorism’ By RT French presidential hopeful Francois Fillon has called for election campaign events and activities to be suspended the following the shooting in Paris. The attack came just two days before France goes to the polls to elect its president. “I consider that in […]

Why We FIGHT: Deception, Theatre & LIES

Here’s a much more complete list of false flags. 58 ADMITTED False Flag Attacks Great article, well worth reading. I recommend people use an add-on for Firefox called “Print  Friendly” to download articles they like and save them as PDF files…~TS

CNN Stoops to New Low, Conflates Cleveland Shooter with Violent Video Games

What the hell are you talking about? @brianstelter — CHARTER 🕵🏾 (@TrueCharter) April 16, 2017

Fake News AP article claims “anonymous” source says Russia “knew in advance about Syria chemical attack”

By Alex Cristoforyou | The Duran More fake news from the AP. Easy to spot, meant to push the war in Syria agenda further. The recipe for this AP fake news propaganda is simple to call out… First paragraph says US made a “preliminary conclusion”…but has no proof. Fourth paragraph says “the official wasn’t authorized to […]

No More

EXPOSED | Joseph Jakubowski “Trump threat” national propaganda story

By Zachary K Hubbard Help me expose our Federal Government and their ongoing fear propaganda that is created to program and steer media consuming audiences. The latest bullshit scare story is that of Joseph Jakubowski, out of Janesville, Wisconsin, who ripped off “Armageddon Guns” in Rock County, then mailed a manifesto about how he is […]

How Media Bias Fuels Syrian Escalation

Exclusive: The mainstream U.S. media now reports as “flat-fact” the Syrian government’s guilt in the April 4 chemical weapons incident, but the real facts are less clear and some point in the opposite direction, says Rick Sterling. By Rick Sterling | Consortium News Historian and journalist Stephen Kinzer has said, “Coverage of the Syrian war […]

How the Shills Attempt to Bait the Alt Media with Nonsensical Crap

I’ve noticed the new trend on YouTube is to call a person you don’t agree with a “fucking Jew”. Everybody is a Jew it seems, or they’re conspiring with the Jews to trick people, especially those bastards who point out the fact the Earth isn’t flat.. they’re definitely Jews or working for the Jews. …~TS

White Helmets video with fake life-saving procedures deceived UN sec council

Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli, from whom we quote the texts posted in this video, made on March 10, 2017, a unique discovery while examining a new White Helmets movie. The prof observed that the piston in the barrel of the syringe used in a dramatic ‘life-saving’ maneuver on a child, in fact never moved […]

You’re Crazy NOT to Believe EVERYTHING MSM Tells You About Syria

It’s INSANE to believe that agents of government, MSM and weapons contractors have anything but YOUR best interests at heart. No profiteering here…no collusion…go back to sleep (yes..this is sarcasm)

Fake news story in mainstream AND alt-media slanders Russia and Iran

By Adam Garrie | The Duran The story says that Russia and Iran threatened to attack the US if a ‘red line’ was crossed. This is an outright lie. A fake news story has been circulating on both mainstream media and alt-media saying that Russia and Iran have issued a joint threat to ‘use force’ in […]

CNN SHOCKED SPEECHLESS When Congressman Questions Syria Chemical Weapons Story

JOIN THE OPEN SOURCE INVESTIGATION A congressman actually dares to question the officially sanctioned fake news narrative about the Syrian chemical weapons attack live on air…you will believe what happens next! Still, it’s grimly amusing to watch an anchor’s mind melt down on screen. For all the latest on the Syria strike investigation stay tuned […]

Mainstream media: Fake news through lying by omission

By Gideon Polya | MWC News via Global Research Fake news is simply a new, Trump-popularized descriptive for media lying that occurs in 2 basic forms, lying by omission and lying by commission. Lying by omission is far, far worse than lying by commission because the latter can at least admit refutation and public debate. […]

POS Bill Maher Thinks Trump Is A Russian Spy

I needed a dose of ET Williams. He goes off on a rant about the Zionist entertainment puppet Bill Maher…~TS

White People Banned from Black Lives Matter Meetings in Philadelphia

Come on white people, you don’t matter, you should know that. I see that black lives matter is doing their job which is orchestrating division and increasing racial tensions…~TS By Ben Kew | Breitbart A branch of the Black Lives Matter movement in Philadelphia has banned white people from an upcoming meeting, in what the organizers say […]

America Plagued with Fake News and Fake TV Experts

By Wayne Madsen | Strategic Culture The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee recently held a hearing devoted, in part, to accusations that Russia initiated a massive «fake news» campaign against the United States during the 2016 election. It must be pointed out that the popularity of alternative foreign news sources for the American public came after […]