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What The History Channel Left Out About The Declassified CIA Program: “History Of MK-Ultra”

By Kalee Brown | Collective Evolution Over the past week, I’ve been watching the History Channel’s America’s War on Drugs mini docu-series. To my surprise, the History Channel was shockingly honest about the CIA’s involvement in the war on drugs and the massive political propaganda campaigns that went along with it. The series criminalized the CIA […]

The psychiatric agenda destroys creative children

By Jon Rappaport | Jon Rappaport’s Blog “Take a child who wants to invent something out of thin air, and instead of saying no, tell him he has a problem with his brain, and then stand back and watch what happens. In particular, watch what happens when you give him a toxic drug to fix […]

Sessions Dogged Determination In The Face Of The Rotting Russian Nothing Burger

These hearings are based on a 100% total bullshit narrative created by the deep state and perpetuated by Hillary Clinton before, during and after the election. It’s all theater, and the general public is too fucking stupid to realize it…~TS Rumors upon rumors that’s what the dying Mainstream Media rumor Goliath would have us all […]

The Elite Want to Transfer Consciousness into a New Body and Live Forever

Good luck with that…~TS

This Creepy Patent Proves They Can Remotely Hijack Your Nervous System

Is London Bridge Terror Attack A False Flag?

You think? Remember, a false flag doesn’t necessarily mean people really didn’t die. Amateur researchers are equating false flags with completely staged events and no deaths. Doesn’t always work that way. They’ll roll in there, kill people, and blame it on ISIS or whatever group and then have actors interviewed by reporters after the fact. […]

Theresa May is a Communist on free speech–Jeremy Corbyn a pragmatist about terrorism

I watch these YouTube videos and I have to laugh, people are constantly attempting to breakdown these terror attacks and claim what’s fake and what’s not like they’re calling a ballgame they’re not playing in. Whether you think terror attacks are real or fake they’re using them to clamp down on your freedom, so it […]

Operation Reinhard – Ariana Grande’s Music Is Not Worth Dying For

On Monday night, an Ariana Grande concert in the UK was rocked by a savage act of terrorism. The perpetrator, believed to be 22-year-old Salman Abedi, died after detonating a nail bomb, which killed 22 and wounded at least 59. There’s a lot that could be said about this attack.

Virtual Reality Porn: The Real-Life “Westworld” That Could Transform Sex Culture

“Transform sex-culture”. More mind control. Don’t have sexual relations with a real man or woman, wear a fucking VR headset and pretend you’re having sex. Whatever you do, don’t have real sex with somebody of the OPPOSITE sex, don’t have kids, don’t raise a family, that’s just not acceptable…~TS By Kalee Brown | Collective Evolution […]

Drag Queen Brainwashed Young Children About Gender Fluidity

Social conditioning and mind control. Transgenderism, genderless people, promoting pedophilia, promoting homosexuality, promoting political correctness (which promotes the oppression of free speech), banning mothers and fathers day in certain schools, banning the use of the word “man” or “manpower” from certain colleges, banning the use of the words “mom” and “dad” from schools, destroying the […]

The Occult: Video 144: Everyone does Magic Constantly (Some Chaos!)

Most just never control it.

Proof CNN Is a Military Psyop

Mass Hypnosis and Trigger Words

“Bill Nye” – He blinded me with nonsense.

By Leslie Eastman | Legal Insurrection The last time we check in on Bill Nye, the “Science Guy”, he was addressing a large crowd at the nation’s capital as part of the nationwide #MarchForScience. It’s a good thing that his being old, white, and male did not prevent him from leading the anti-Trump, climate alarmism […]

How Reality Is Being Manufactured

Hey you finally caught on Melissa. Thought (and action) creates reality. Everything in this video is basic stuff as far as I’m concerned but it’s decent for the people who are new to this type of information. I like the Mark Passio slide she used in the video. I highly suggest checking out Mark Passio’s […]

Using Electronic Signals to Create Super Soldiers, Control Behavior, and Talk to Dolphins

In this week’s edition of Mind Hack, Jeff DeRiso looks into cognitive enhancement technology and its application for military special forces. He also investigates the controversial subject of electromagnetic microwave weapons, which can covertly effect the human nervous system, leaving no trace. We also discuss the story of a device that translates human speech into […]

TED Cancelled His Talk, Now The Physicist Hired By The CIA Is Exposing The Reality Of ESP (Documentary)

By Arjun Walia | Collective Evolution Cancelled or banned TED talks are nothing new. When coming across information, no matter how much evidence it has behind it, any topic that challenges the current accepted framework of knowledge will always encounter a harsh resistance. For example, in 1900, Lord Kelvin said that “there is nothing new […]

Why We FIGHT: Deception, Theatre & LIES

Here’s a much more complete list of false flags. 58 ADMITTED False Flag Attacks Great article, well worth reading. I recommend people use an add-on for Firefox called “Print  Friendly” to download articles they like and save them as PDF files…~TS

Society Is Being Programmed By A Black Box

It Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself. Where do we go from here? Data has become the tail that wags the dog; and we are pets, not free individuals in this configuration. And things are growing Darker.

How the Shills Attempt to Bait the Alt Media with Nonsensical Crap

I’ve noticed the new trend on YouTube is to call a person you don’t agree with a “fucking Jew”. Everybody is a Jew it seems, or they’re conspiring with the Jews to trick people, especially those bastards who point out the fact the Earth isn’t flat.. they’re definitely Jews or working for the Jews. …~TS