Evidence We Are Not Alone

UFOTV® The Disclosure Network MJ-12 refers to an elite TOP SECRET military group called into action by United States presidential order to investigate and conceal real alien and UFO encounters.

Son of an Area 51 Technician

Blame the Rockefellers, it’s the Rockefellers…Goddamn it. …~TS Sirius Disclosure Paul H. Utz talks about his father, Paul A. Utz, who worked as a high-level engineer in Area 51 and had a “Q” clearance. His father had always claimed that… Read More ›

The Phobos Incident

From Wikipedia: The Phobos (Russian: Фобос, Fobos, Greek: Φόβος) program was an unmanned space mission consisting of two probes launched by the Soviet Union to study Mars and its moons Phobos and Deimos. Phobos 1 was launched on 7 July… Read More ›