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Intriguing ‘Eclipse Like’ Crop Circle Shows Up In Essex. Reported Just Days Before Solar Eclipse

By Joe Martino | Collective Evolution It’s just days before an eclipse of a lifetime and as the world readies for the sight and some for the energetic shifts, a new crop circle has appeared in a field at Sutton Hall near London Southend Airport. The circle was discovered on August 17, 2017 but it’s […]

John Glenn Exposes UFO Truth On Frasier?

5 Astronauts & NASA Employees Who Encountered UFOs & Alien Life | Episode 3

Are we really alone in this universe?

Black-Op Projects Presentation

Keep thinking space is fake dumb dumbs, they’re hoping you do…~TS Black budget projects leaked to the public and disclosed in this presentation, all the way to the acknowledgment of the TR-3B, it’s spec’s and capabilities – classic information.

UFO Channels Get Deleted

5 Celebrity Encounters with UFOs & Extraterrestrial Life | Episode 2

John Lennon saw a UFO as well…~TS From Nick Jonas to Demi Lovato, here are five celebrities who have a strong belief in Alien life or who have witnessed UFOs…..

Astronaut Talks About Structures On Mars

I think there’s some older photos of Mars that are genuine that reveal some interesting structures on the surface. Unfortunately I also think NASA has purposely released photos that are obviously fake in order to discredit any genuine photos that are out there. They do this all the time, if something is released that reveals […]

5 Presidents & Government Officials Who Sighted UFOs & Extraterrestrials | NEW Series

From US presidents, to undisclosed government workers, here are five high profile figures who have a strong belief in Alien life or who have witnessed UFOs…..

RADAR CONFIRMS Earth Surrounded By “Them”

Anybody who tells you UFOs have never been picked up on radar are talking out of their asses. There’s been thousand of cases of them being picked up on radar, he lists only 5 in this video that are his favorites…~TS

Something Just Exited A “Portal” Over Louisiana

5 Conspiracy Theorists & Researchers Who Mysteriously Disappeared or were Seemingly Silenced…

Are all these cases just coincidental, or is there a lot more to this than we think?

Jeff & John Lenard Walson – Staggering Spaceship Photos – Ours?

Photos: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 The Jeff Rense Radio Archives contain interviews with over 18,000 people over a period of 24 years. Access and listen to some of the most stunning people of our times in often unforgettable interviews just like this one.

What Just Happened Over Australia?

What Are UFOs? Terrestrial, Extraterrestrial & Metaterrestrial Theories…

By New Dawn Magazine If there’s one thing we learn from studying UFOs, there is no simple answer to what it’s all about. Most of the public – and even many Ufologists – tend to lump together all UFO incidents into a single phenomenon. But the evidence indicates there is no single explanation for all […]

TWO UNKNOWN “Bodies” Disturbing The Solar System

Mysterious “Spheres” Keep Falling From Space

THIS Was Just Spotted In Virginia’s Skies 6/28/17

“STAND DOWN”: RAF Jets Told NOT To Pursue This UFO

Anonymous Claims NASA is About to Disclose the Discovery of Alien Life

Bullshit. I believe extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings exist but they’re not going to disclose anything anytime soon. Why do think there’s a psyop to make people think space doesn’t exist? Because it’s true? LMAO. To dumb you down. The less you know and the more dumbed down you are the better, the less questions you […]

Company With Ties To UFO Cover Up Gets Huge Antarctica Contract

By Stefan Stanford |  All News Pipeline According to this interesting new story from the Herald Review, studies that were completed upon sedimentary rock in Antarctica have given us undeniable and conclusive evidence that palm trees once grew there in that land long covered by ice as also heard in the 1st video below. As the author […]