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UFO Buzzes Japan Airlines – FAA’s Callahan Reveals

For 6 years, John Callahan was the Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA in Washington, DC. In his testimony he tells about a 1986 Japanese Airlines 747 flight that was followed by a UFO for 31 minutes over the Alaskan skies. Mr. Callahan was able to secure video tape and […]

Stories from an Electronics Technician

Franklin Carter was trained as an electronic radar technician in the Navy in the 50’s and 60’s. He tells of an incident where he witnessed a clear, unambiguous radar contact speeding along at 3,400 miles an hour. There were other radar operators as well who, at various times in 1957 and 1958, also witnessed these […]

Strange UFO Activity Over Mt. Etna Volcano 3/19/17

Roswell’s Mortician

Glenn Dennis was a mortician in Roswell, NM. In July 1947, the time of the famous Roswell crash, the mortuary officer from the Roswell Army Airfield called him asking for hermetically sealed infant caskets but never explained why. Later that day when at the Airfield for an emergency he saw debris of unknown origin. A […]

Technology from Extraterrestrials

Keep in mind many of these interviews took place in the mid 90’s to early 2000’s…~TS Don Phillips was in the Air Force at Las Vegas Air Force Base during an event when UFOs were seen moving at enormous speeds near Mt. Charleston, northwest of Las Vegas. In addition, he worked with Kelly Johnson at […]

Re-Engineering an ET Craft

Bill Uhouse served 10 years in the Marine Corps as a fighter pilot, and four years with the Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB as a civilian doing flight testing of exotic experimental aircraft. Later, for the next 30 years, he worked for defense contractors as an engineer of antigravity propulsion systems: on flight simulators for […]

ET Extraterrestrial Structures on the Moon – Sgt Karl Wolfe

Karl Wolfe was in the Air Force for 4 and a half years beginning in January 1964. He had a top secret crypto clearance and worked with the tactical air command at Langley AFB in Virginia. While working at a NSA facility he was shown photographs taken by the Lunar Orbiter of the moon that […]

The Cosmic False Flag

How covert interests are laying the foundation for a false alien threat and a potential militaristic takeover of the Earth – 1940s – present. In the most shocking and important seminar you will ever hear on the UFO/ ET subject, Dr. Steven Greer will present the history, methods and plans for a staged, covert Cosmic […]

The FAKE ‘Alien’ Attack

I have received a few emails about the “fake” alien invasion scenario. I already stated that I don’t think we’re going to see it but I do think they have the technology to pull it off. We most definitely do have hologram and anti-gravity technology and our own “UFOs”. I definitely think Steven Greer has […]

Truth Hunter with Linda Moulton Howe “Revelations From Alien Encounters”

The truth really is out there, for those daring enough to seek it. It will take a bold investigative reporter to penetrate through all of the lies to expose what the governments of the world know about the alien presence on Earth. Linda Moulton Howe has spent her life hunting the truth about alien activity […]

Crop Circles: Messages from Another World?

By Nicholas Corrin If there were a hazard meter capable of measuring the precariousness of human survival on planet Earth, the needle would surely be pointing deep into the red zone. James Lovelock, father of the Gaia hypothesis, predicts that within the next hundred years 80% of humanity will have been wiped out. The unstoppable […]

The Unheard Truth Behind Roswell’s UFOs

This is interesting. Give it a shot and watch it…~TS Strange occurrences in Roswell, NM, June 1947 may have set into motion events which would shape the future of humanity, in ways unbeknownst to many. Reports of crashed alien vessels were quickly swept aside, which spurred the imaginations of seekers everywhere vying to know what […]

Pilot SILENCED After Releasing UFO Footage Online

The Occult Extraterrestrial War – America”s Secret Space Fleet

America”s Secret Space Fleet – is it protection against alien invasion or a creation itself of malevolent aliens? Since 2015 NAVY engineer William Tompkins has made astounding claims that he personally participated in designing kilometers-long battle cruisers for the clandestine “Military Industrial Complex.” But even more astounding is his revelation that our planet has been […]

UFO Fleet Creeps By International Space Station

Massive Unknown Object Visits The Sun

Removed From Web. UFO Fleet Over Mexico Border

The secret service agent that he points out in this video does appear to be very odd…~TS By secureteam10 Update: In the hours since posting this video, it would seem the clip has been restored to Instagram, only to be removed again..

Alien Ship Being Stored At South Pole?

A follow-up to this video.

5 Incredibly Strange & Mysterious Videos That Need Some Explaining

Unexplained CCTV footage of an unsolved disappearance, to a video, posted that is supposed to reveal something deep in tunnels of the great pyramids of Giza…