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TRUMP: Nationalist or Globalist?

Is Donald Trump the hardcore nationalist he portrayed himself to be during his campaign, or is he really a globalist who is ready to flip flop on most of the promises that got him elected? Well, in Trump’s own words, he’s both a nationalist AND a globalist. That’s what he told the Wall Street Journal […]

Trump using executive orders at unprecedented pace

By Devin Henry and Timothy Cama | The Hill President Trump signed the 30th executive order of his presidency on Friday, capping off a whirlwind period that produced more orders in his first 100 days than for any president since Harry Truman.  The rash of executive orders underlines Trump’s focus on reversing as much of the […]

Trump Declares ‘Eight-Year Assault on Second Amendment’ Over

Who knows. You have to wonder if he’ll change his mind eight minutes from now…~TS On Friday, President Trump delivered a speech to the National Rifle Association at its 2017 Leadership Forum in Atlanta. This marks the first time a sitting president has done so since Ronald Reagan in 1983. Triumphantly, Trump told the enthusiastic […]

President Trump Now Declares: “I’m a Nationalist… *AND* A GLOBALIST”

At this point every time this guy opens his mouth things just get worse…~TS By Melissa Dykes | The Daily Sheeple Looks like someone came out of the closet… In his latest Wall Street Journal interview, president Trump has declared that he isn’t just a nationalist… He’s also a globalist. Apparently he now admits he’s […]

Trump to Revive US-EU Trade Deal

By Alex Gorka | Strategic Culture President Trump is very flexible when it comes to foreign policy. He promised to stay away from overseas military adventures but seized limelight with his cruise missile strikes against Syria. He said the North Atlantic Alliance was obsolete and not needed. Now he says «I said it was obsolete. It’s no […]

Trump climbs down on China, North Korea. No military action threatened

By Alexander Mercouris | The Duran After weeks of threats of unilateral military action, joint statement by US Secretary of State Tillerson and US Defense Mattis appears to call that option off. Following weeks of threats and bombast, with wild talk of the US fleet closing in on North Korea, of the US taking ‘unilateral […]

Claim: GOP Senators ‘Laughed Out Loud’ At Prospect Of Trump’s Wall

Of course…~TS “They were recently telling that source of mine, ‘Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen.’” By Steve Watson | While President Trump remains resolute that a border wall will be built in his first term, other sources are less confident, with one declaring that senior Republican Senators consider the idea to be […]

San Francisco Judge Blocks Trump’s Sanctuary City Order

By Tyler Duden | Zero Hedge To our complete ‘shock,’ a federal judge in San Francisco has just blocked Trump’s Executive Order intended to withhold funding from communities that limit cooperation with U.S. immigration authorities.  The basis of the finding is that only Congress, not the president, has authority to attach new conditions to federal […]

Trump’s Latest Executive Order Is Just the Tip of the ICEburg

By Sarah Cronin | The Anti Media President Donald Trump signed a new executive order last Tuesday, this time directed towards H-1B, or “high skilled,” labor visa holders.   Titled the “Buy American and Hire American” order in an apparent nod to Trump’s campaign rhetoric, the two-part directive makes it official executive policy to maximize […]

Mad Dog Meets with Israeli Leaders on Iran

By Kurt Nimmo | Another Day In The Empire This is not a good development. James Mad Dog Mattis has a rep for sidling up to Likud Israelis. This is not simply a diplomatic visit like any other. It’s a signal to Netanyahu that Trump and his generals will follow the Likud line on Iran. […]

Fmr Trump Campaign Chair Just Arrested for Child Sex Trafficking — During the Campaign

By Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project Campbell County, KY — Judge Tim Nolan of California, Kentucky represents District 5 on the Campbell County School Board. He served at the chair of the 2016 Donald Trump campaign in Campbell County. And, he’s just been charged with felony child trafficking. Nolan is now facing charges of […]

NATO’s Emerging Outsourced Eastern Flank

By Wayne Madsen | Strategic Culture A series of moves by NATO’s Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) partner, the United Arab Emirates, has many observers in the Indian Ocean littoral nations wondering out loud whether the «North Atlantic» military pact is moving into the Indian Ocean and Arabian Peninsula, courtesy of an «outsourcing» deal with the […]

“Totally Surreal” — Massive Simultaneous Blackouts Hit NY, LA, and San Francisco

Operation Gotham Shield starting a bit early?…~TS By RT Power outages hit Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, leaving commuters stranded and traffic backed up Friday. About 90,000 customers were affected in San Francisco. While the outages occurred around the same time there is no evidence they were connected or coordinated. Major #PowerOutage in […]

Sanctuary Cities Protecting Gangs In Defiance Of Trump

Of course they know the identity of the gunman in Paris and of course they found a note stating he pledged allegiance to ISIS. Amazing how there’s always a note or an ID card, passport, etc.. sitting around. One a side note the “canons” are impressive in this clip. ..~TS A Detroit-area physician and his […]

Operation Gotham Shield: U.S. Gov’t To “Simulate Nuke Blast Over Manhattan”

I read about this days ago and I didn’t post anything about it because I don’t like participating in the spread of FUD, I save that for the amateurs on YouTube, Facebook and Blogger. Anyway, here’s some more theater, I wouldn’t bite my nails over it…~TS By Mac Slavo | SHTFplan False flag watch is […]

Will Trump Reignite The War on Weed?

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week: Story #1: Trump Names Rabid Cannabis Prohibitionist as Drug Czar Wikipedia: Drug Czar New DHS Secretary John Kelly Saying, “Marijuana Is Not […]

CIA Launches Manhunt For “Traitor” Who Showed The World They Spy On EVERYONE – Vault 7

By Claire Bernish | Activist Post CBS News first reported a manhunt inside the Central Intelligence Agency in search of the source who provided thousands of top secret documents to WikiLeaks, published in its “Vault 7” — which revealed the clandestine agency’s hacking tools and surveillance practices. “Sources familiar with the investigation say it is […]

Donald Trump’s Latest Executive Order Aims To Make Companies ‘Hire American’

By Kaitlan Collins | The Daily Caller Donald Trump will sign an executive order in hopes of favoring American workers by reforming the H-1B visa program and minimizing exceptions to the Buy American Act of 1933, which requires the federal government to favor U.S.-made products when funding projects.  The president is scheduled to sign the […]

Trump Revokes Obama’s Parting Gift to Planned Parenthood

Good…~TS Signs law that will allow states to defund abortionists By Bill McMorris | Free Beacon States will once again be able to defund Planned Parenthood after President Trump overturned an 11th-hour Obama administration regulation protecting funding for the nation’s biggest abortion provider. Trump signed into law on Thursday a bill reversing a Department of Health […]

7 BIG LEAGUE Trump U-turns in less than 100 days in office

Here we go, here’s seven “beauties”…~TS By Adam Garrie | The Duran In less than 100 days in office, Donald Trump has done monumental u-turns on some of his flagship policies. There are few explanations for this other than the fact he’s succumbed to a combination of deep state pressure and his daughter’s ill-placed tears. Here […]