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Rage in Occupied Palestine

By Stephen Lendman | On September 28, 2000, the second intifada began, fueled by decades of repressive occupation, incited by Ariel Sharon’s provocative Haram al-Sharif visit before he was elected prime minister, protected by hundreds of Israeli security forces…. Read More ›

Europe Will Reap What Spain Has Sown

By Wayne Madsen | Strategic Culture The Spanish government decided to reach back into its history and borrow from the playbook of longtime Spanish fascist dictator Francisco Franco in dealing with Catalonia’s decision to declare independence from the Spanish Kingdom… Read More ›

Winning in Africa

By Brian Cloughley | Strategic Culture On October 4 in Niger in central Africa four American special forces soldiers were killed in an ambush by “fifty fighters, thought to be associated with ISIS [Islamic State], a US official said.” In the… Read More ›