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More Evidence That the Collapse of World Trade Center 7 Was a Demolition

I posted this video four days ago about the skyscraper in Lanzhou, China that was engulfed in fire, it didn’t fall down. I saw footage of the one on London days ago as well, same deal it didn’t fall down, I never got around to posting anything about the London fire, so here you go…~TS […]

Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, London, New York: Passports and IDs Mysteriously Discovered in the Wake of Terror Attacks

I’ll break this down because too many people think nobody ever really dies in any of these events.  If it’s a “live” or “hot” event, people use different terminology, simply put.. if they intend to kill people.. they will usually run a drill at the same time these events happen to create confusion among the […]

9/11 ANALYSIS: From Ronald Reagan and the Soviet-Afghan War to George W Bush and September 11, 2001

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky | Global Research This article first published in September 2010 summarizes earlier writings by the author on 9/11 and the role of Al Qaeda in US foreign policy. For further details see Michel Chossudovsky, America’s “War on Terrorism”, Global Research, 2005 “The United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren […]

EXPOSED | Joseph Jakubowski “Trump threat” national propaganda story

By Zachary K Hubbard Help me expose our Federal Government and their ongoing fear propaganda that is created to program and steer media consuming audiences. The latest bullshit scare story is that of Joseph Jakubowski, out of Janesville, Wisconsin, who ripped off “Armageddon Guns” in Rock County, then mailed a manifesto about how he is […]

Pulling the Curtain On FBI’s Recent Puzzling Fake Pentagon 9-11 “Evidence”

By Bernie Suarez | Truth and Art TV Once again, one of those moments is upon us when fakery and deceitful so called evidence is put out to the general public by those controlling the narrative to not only gauge the reaction of the masses but to reinforce the lies of the past “official stories” […]

The FBI Just Released Never Before Seen Photos Of 9/11 Pentagon Wreckage

Yeah o.k…~TS By Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project After surreptitiously releasing to the public one week ago, the FBI unceremoniously announced today the unprecedented release of never-before-seen images from the attacks of September 11, 2001, and some of the pictures evoke still more questions. 9/11 Attacks and Investigation Images: https://t.co/zwxAkLkdw0 — FBI Records Vault […]

Stand for the Truth: A Government Researcher Speaks Out

In August of 2016, a former employee of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) began looking into the reports his agency had released years earlier on the collapse of the World Trade Center. What he found shook him to the core. In this poignant half-hour interview, Peter Michael Ketcham tells his story of […]

Trump Declares War On 9/11 Gatekeeper CNN

By SGTreport US President Donald Trump continues to expose mainstream mockingbird media lies by declaring war on CNN. Not only has Trump called the network a source of “fake news”, the Trump White House has announced it won’t even send surrogates to appear on CNN. And in news that was largely missed by the alternative […]

The Occult Aspects of 9/11

Mark covered the same material in his What on Earth is Happening lectures (part 3) but I spotted this video from 2012 and it isolates just the 9/11 material and expands on it…~TS DTRHRadioArchives On this edition of DTRH Popeye goes over the occult aspects of 9/11 with Mark Passio. They expose that it was […]

Here’s How The Government Is Working To Erode Constitutional Privacy Protections

By Derrick Broze | Activist Post A new report details how intelligence officials are attempting to use a secret court to reinterpret privacy protections guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.  A review of legal documents and interviews with officials briefed on court hearings, reveals that intelligence officials are attempting to “loosen” Americans’ privacy protections against government […]

The US Security State: Usurping Our Sovereign Power

On this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace take a look at our trillion dollar police state. Karen Greenberg, author of “Rogue Justice,” joins us to talk about how the security state is usurping US sovereign power. Finally, Sean Stone sits with Bill Binney, former NSA whistleblower, to talk about his […]

9/11 & BEYOND: The Rothschilds & NUKES — James Perloff

Author James Perloff returns to SGT report to discuss the evidence that suggests that tactical nuclear devices were used on 9/11 to demolish World Trade Center buildings 1 and 2. James also talks about the 2017 cover of the Rothschild’s Economist Magazine which touts ‘The World in 2017′ and features 8 tarot cards, one of […]

What You Are Not Being Told About the Afghanistan War

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES 15 years after NATO’s invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, the 9/11 and Al Qaeda lies that were used to justify the war have disappeared. Now the truth about oil and gas, mineral wealth, opium and naked imperial ambition are all that remain.

Stupid Americans Clueless About September 11th Attack Fifteen Year Anniversary

People don’t even know the name of the CIA asset/boogeyman…~TS Millennials are completely clueless about who was behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks, or what happened. As the fifteen year anniversary approaches, media analyst Mark Dice asked San Diegans about the horrific incident and discovered they are sadly out of touch with reality.

9/11 – The Art Of Blaming Others – Isn’t 15 Years Of the Dick and Don Psyop Enough?

By Bernie Suarez | Truth and Art TV Several years back, when pressed by an activist about the need for true justice and accountability for the events of September 11, 2001 9/11 commissioner Bob Kerry stated that 9/11 is a “30 year old conspiracy“. But what exactly did Kerry mean by this? I believe there […]

Walmart Has “9/11 Sale” on Coca Cola

Is it going to be a fucking holiday soon so people can buy more shit that’s supposedly “on sale”?…~TS Walmart is having a “September 11th Sale” on Coca Cola, and even built a replica of the Twin Towers out of cases of soda. Media analyst Mark Dice covers the latest incident of companies using the […]

9/11 Suspects

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES Mayor Giuliani oversaw the illegal destruction of the 9/11 crime scene and is criminally liable for the deaths of hundreds of emergency workers for not passing on prior warnings about the collapses of the Twin Towers. It is no wonder, then, that the Fire Department of New York so passionately detest Giuliani […]

Trump Does Not Trust The CIA

Just hours before Trump was due to receive a classified briefing from U.S. intelligence he said he will not employ the standard intelligence community figureheads because he doesn’t trust them.

Jim Marrs – What Were The Reasons For JFK’s Murder, 9/11 And Much More

The ABSURDITY of the NWO’s BIG SHOW — Rachael McIntosh

Author Rachael McIntosh joins me to share some very interesting insights about Hillary Clinton, the Rothschilds, the coming economic collapse and the controlled demolition of World Trade Center building 7 on 9/11. Rachael’s book series ‘Security Through Absurdity’ was voted Best News Series of 2014 by GoodReads.com – and you can purchase the books today […]