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Britain wants intelligence access to WhatsApp encryption

By Alexander Mercouris | The Duran Intelligence agencies using Westminster terror attack as pretext to read all encrypted messages including WhatsApp messages. The British government is now lobbying hard on behalf of Britain’s intelligence agencies, demanding that they be put in a position of being able to read encrypted messaging provided by platforms like WhatsApp. […]

The War That Changed The Course of History | The First World War | WW1 Documentary

It was supposed to be the war to end all wars. This, of course, was not the case….. RIP to all those who died during WWI.

Palestine and Israel: Instead Of Celebrating The Balfour Declaration, Britain Should Be Ashamed Of What It Did

By Sharif Nashashibi | The National UAE via Global Research This year marks the centenary of the infamous Balfour Declaration, a letter written in 1917 by Britain’s then-foreign secretary Lord Balfour to Baron Rothschild, a leader of the Zionist movement. In the letter, Balfour said the British government viewed “with favour the establishment in Palestine […]

The Ever-Growing List of ADMITTED False Flag Attacks

By Washington’s Blog via Global Research The following instances are carefully documented by the author indicating sources and references. Some of the instances presented are subject to debate and interpretation (GR Editor) Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressmen, Generals, Soldiers and Police ADMIT to False Flag Terror In the following instances, officials in the government which carried […]

One Hundred Years Ago: the Triumph of the February Revolution 1917

By Michael Jabara Carley | Strategic Culture In mid-February 1917, according to the Julian calendar of Russia, the authority of the tsarist autocracy held by a thread, frayed by hundreds of years of oppression of the Russian menu peuple. A chasm existed between the glamorous world of the landed aristocracy and wealthy bourgeoisie who lived […]

The Tensions Between Russia and the US Are Not a Historical By-Product

By Dmitry Minin | Strategic Culture It is argued that the more conflicts nations have had with one another in the past («historical traumas»), the more difficult it becomes to establish normal relations in the present. The opposite is also true – a previous alliance formed between nationalities while fighting critical battles smooths the path […]

In Stunning Pair Of Interviews, Trump Slams NATO And EU, Threatens BMW With Tax; Prepared To “Cut Ties” With Merkel

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge In two separate, and quite striking, interviews with Germany’s Bild (paywall) and London’s Sunday Times (paywall), Donald Trump did what he failed to do in his first US press conference, and covered an extensive amount of policy and strategy, much of which however will likely please neither the pundits, […]

Jimmy Savile and the 9th Circle

The editing is a bit rough in this. It is very negative and upsetting material. What worries me is the fact that this topic has broken wide open in the last month since Pizzagate hit the scene and nothing has been done. There’s been zero official investigations by law enforcement (that we know about) taking […]

Deception and Disinformation

By SGM Herb Friedman (Ret.) | psywarrior.com Although the use of fraud in any action is detestable, yet in the combat of war it is praiseworthy and glorious. And a man who uses fraud to overcome his enemy is praised, just as much as he who overcomes his enemy by force. Machiavelli 1531 Dummy Inflatable […]

EU Just Voted to Create Its Own Army, Britain May Be Forced to Pay for It — In Spite of Brexit

By Jack Burns | The Free Thought Project Members of the European Parliament, or MEPs, have passed a controversial resolution, calling on all member states to contribute funds for the establishment of a European Defense Union. In a press release issued on the 22nd of November, the European Union (EU) passed a resolution calling on […]

A Marine Le Pen victory in France could help solve the Brexit problem

A Le Pen victory in France could reduce Brexit to a storm in a teacup. Thus, British lawmakers should expect the unexpected. By Adam Garrie | The Duran With the increasingly relevant French presidential elections to have their second round of balloting on the 7th of May 2017, the British government ought to pause any […]

Palestine, A Century after the Balfour Declaration: The UK Should Face Uncomfortable Home Truths

By Ben White | Middle East Eye via Global Research The UK government is unlikely to issue the apology that Palestinians want, but this year will be a good opportunity to reflect on painful legacy This month marks the 99th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration and the beginning in earnest of preparations for next year’s centenary. […]

False Flag Terror “Has Succeeded Consistently Against Audiences Around The World, For Millennia, To Compel War”

By Washington’s Blog Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressmen, Generals, Spooks, Soldiers and Police ADMIT to False Flag Terror In the following instances, officials in the government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed an attack) admit to it, either orally, in writing, or through photographs or videos: (1)  In 1697, native American conspirators admitted in court that Iroquois leaders […]

Oceania Forever: Rise of the Global Police State

By Patrick Henningsen Much has been written about the approaching Police State in alternative media. Commentary ranges from various warnings, to shock and outrage, and fear over an impending martial law takeover in North America and Western Europe. It’s hitting us from so many different angles, and yet the mainstream conversation continues to be woefully […]

71 Years Ago Today – Hiroshima and Nagasaki

I strongly suggest that people read The Real Reasons We Dropped Atom Bombs on Japan…~TS By Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project In May, Barack Obama became the first US president in history to visit the memorial of the American atomic bombings of Japan in Hiroshima. However, in true American fashion, he offered no apology. “We […]

Jay Dyer on Tragedy & Hope 5: UK PsyOps, Hitler & the Axis Powers

This is the first half of a 2 hour lecture which can be obtained by subscribing at the PayPal links at JaysAnalysis.com. In this first free hour of the 5th lecture, we discuss the causes of World War II according to Dr. Carroll Quigley, particularly as appear to be arranged by the RIIA and Chatham […]

The Secret Elite & the Origins of the New World Order

By Gerry Docherty & Jim Macgregor Secret societies, the unseen hands that steer national and international affairs from the shadows, go back to the dawn of Western civilisation. The individual most famously linked to these occult forces is Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830), a Jesuit trained philosopher and lay professor of canon law at the University of […]

How Britain’s Aristocracy Are Playing the Brexit Thing

By Eric Zuesses | Strategic Culture HISTORICAL PRELIMINARY The European Union, and opposition to Brexit (or to any other exit from it), reflect the opposite of progressive values, but instead are an important part of the strategy owners of international corporations have for taking over governments in order to increase their own profits (and power). […]

The EU’s Architects: Nazis and Nazi Collaborators

By Wayne Madsen | Strategic Culture There is an old adage that pertains to the founding of the European Union «If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again». And for the Nazis and Nazi collaborators of the Second World War, viewing the post-war European death and destruction brought about by Adolf Hitler and his «Third Reich» […]

Chaos Continues to Consume the UK a Week After Brexit Vote

By The AntiMedia United Kingdom — At this time last week, citizens of the U.K. turned out in record numbers to cast their votes on whether to remain under the control of the European Union or leave it. When the final votes were counted, a collective “Oh, shit” could be heard from both sides as it […]