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Cell Towers On EVERY CITY Block

By Catherine J. Frompovich | Activist Post California is going off the deep end, in my candid opinion. Some members of that state’s legislature think cell towers on every block or in front of individuals’ homes are the way to go in order to have faster Wi-Fi or what I think may be an undercover […]

Largest Sex Trafficking Ring in Western US Busted — Children Openly Sold “In Plain Sight”

There seems to be a lot of child sex trafficking rings in California. Go figure…~TS By Jay Syrmopoulos | The Free Thought Project Los Angeles, CA – A report of a missing teenager in Tulare County, California, in late 2016 culminated into the uncovering of one of the largest sex trafficking rings in the Western […]

California Deputy Attorney General arrested for “guess what”?

Raymond Joseph Liddy, 53, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday, was released on $100,000 bond and placed on house arrest with GPS monitoring. An investigation into Liddy was launched after an electronic service provider sent a tip to authorities. Raymond Liddy is the son of G.Gorden Liddy, the chief opretive in the Watergate scandal.

Leftists Scream, “You’re Getting the Shank, White Boy”, Stab Trump Supporter

A prominent Trump activist was stabbed in California after men who are allegedly Armenian gang members saw his pro-Trump, America and Infowars stickers on his car.

Massive Shark Die-Off on California Coast is Alarming Researchers

By Vic Bishop | Waking Times Mass marine animal die-offs have become regular news in recent years, especially along the western coast of the America’s where it is quite common to hear of pods of whales or other animals mysteriously perishing in great numbers. Most recently along the coast of California, primarily around the San […]

“Totally Surreal” — Massive Simultaneous Blackouts Hit NY, LA, and San Francisco

Operation Gotham Shield starting a bit early?…~TS By RT Power outages hit Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, leaving commuters stranded and traffic backed up Friday. About 90,000 customers were affected in San Francisco. While the outages occurred around the same time there is no evidence they were connected or coordinated. Major #PowerOutage in […]

Engineers: The next California earthquake could “liquefy” 235-foot-high dam and unleash 29 billion gallons of water onto Silicon Valley

By Vicki Batts | Natural News The Golden State just can’t seem to catch a break. Officials say that the Leroy Anderson Dam, near Morgan Hill, could “liquefy” in the event of an earthquake. The dam’s embankments have been deemed “seismically unstable.” Safety concerns about the dam continue to rise, especially after the Coyote Creek […]

California Senate passes controversial “Sanctuary State” Bill

By Leslie Eastman | Legal Insurrection One of my favorite TV shows airing this season is “Feud“, which depicts the legendary rivalry between Joan Crawford (Jessica Lange) and Bette Davis (Susan Sarandon) during their collaboration on the psychological thriller, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Another legendary feud is currently taking place between President Donald […]

California to Punish Citizens Who Share Fake News on Social Media If Law Passes

Liberals in the California legislature have created a real life Big Brother Ministry of Truth by writing a law that punishes anyone who shares what the government considers to be political “fake news” on social media. This bill has not been made into law yet. It is being pummeled by citizens who are outraged at […]

Records Show Govt Knew of Dangers of Oroville Dam for YEARS — Did Nothing to Fix It

  By Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project Nearly 200,000 people had to be evacuated from the floodplain beneath Oroville Dam, when an earthen emergency spillway threatened to disintegrate under the sheer volume of floodwater putting pressure on the structure — the exact scenario federal and state officials were cautioned about over a decade […]

California Has Dumbest People in America

The dumbest people in America live in California. Meet the completely clueless zombies who know nothing about basic American History, and things like why we celebrate the 4th of July, what Memorial Day is for, or who Washington D.C. is named after. Media analyst Mark Dice talks with them. Copyright © 2017 by Mark Dice. […]

Massive Child Sex Ring Busted in CA — 474 Arrested, 28 Children Saved

By Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project Los Angeles, CA — In a massive statewide operation targeting human traffickers, hundreds of people were arrested and dozens of sexually-exploited children were saved. These are the men & women to thank for rescuing 27 Adult & 28 juvenile females, and attesting 36 suspected traffickers & 142 […]

Soon There Could Be Only 49 States in America

Fantastic news for the rest of the country. Take your debt, sanctuary cities, and cultural marxism with you…~TS By Carey Wedler | The Anti Media Activists in California have just taken an integral step that could leave America with only 49 states in the near future. Yes California, a pro-secession organization, received approval Thursday to […]

Bench for Decoration Only – “No Sitting” – Milgram Experiment on Obedience to Authority Figure

Lol. Now if he would have wore a police uniform (clown outfit) with a badge all of them would have jumped off the bench no questions asked…~TS

SR 1424 – California Decriminalizes Child Prostitution

They’re trying to normalize pedophilia. This is what happens when you have dark occultists and psychos in positions of power.

Reality Check: LA’s Spending Millions in Taxpayer Cash Fighting Deportations

Please secede from union, do the rest of the country a favor…~TS Los Angeles County just pledged $3 million in taxpayer money to help illegal aliens fight deportation, in yet another example of a liberal-run fortress of progressivism that puts politics ahead of its own citizens.

Globalists Push for Californians to Secede From USA

By all means please go ahead and secede…~TS With the results of the US election derailing their plans, the globalists are now beating the drums for California to break free from the union. Alex Jones Breaks it down.

Hillary’s Popular Vote Win Came Entirely From California

Without California’s popular vote, Trump won rest of country by 1.4 million votes By Adan Salazar | Infowars.com Since Donald Trump’s electoral victory, supporters of presidential loser Hillary Clinton have cried foul after their candidate won the popular vote, yet failed to win. On November 8, Trump was elected US president when he surpassed 270 […]

Urinals in Women’s Bathroom for Transgenders to Feel More Welcome There

Liberals want urinals installed in all women’s bathrooms so that transgender women will feel more comfortable there, and so they won’t get pee all over the toilet seats since they have a penis, as Leftist political correctness continues to get even crazier. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. Copyright © 2016 by Mark Dice.

Enormous Earthquakes Hit Both Sides Of The Pacific And Experts Warn The San Andreas Could ‘Unzip All At Once’

By Michael Snyder | The Most Important News Why is our planet shaking so violently all of a sudden?  There have literally been dozens of significant earthquakes right along the Ring of Fire within the past 30 days, and two giant ones made headlines all over the globe on Thursday.  First, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake […]

Video: California Liberals Want Bigfoot Added to Endangered Species List

Liberal lunatics in California want Bigfoot added to the Endangered Species list in order to prevent hunters from shooting one of the creatures. Residents signed a petition to “Save the Sasquatch,” and ban anyone from harming one, apparently unaware that the creature is a myth. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. © 2016 by […]