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Where Did the Fukang Meteorite Come From?

By DHWTY | Ancient Origins The Fukang Meteorite is the name given to a meteorite that was discovered in China. The Fukang Meteorite belongs to a class of stony-iron meteorite known as Pallasite, which may be recognized by the fragments of olivine crystals embedded in an iron-nickel matrix. According to one source, the slices of […]

Deep State Pushing Trump Toward War with North Korea

Why is President Donald Trump sending nuclear warplanes to the Korean peninsula? Is he being tricked into an unnecessary war by the Deep State’s military-intelligence complex?

Zero Hour Approaches — Lior Gants

March 15th is an important date. $20 Trillion in debt will soon be reached. Zero hour approaches. Lior Gantz, founder of WealthResearchGroup.com joins me to discuss.

Genes for Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Are Found in Beijing Smog

Also found in water near antibiotic manufacturing plants By Julie Fidler | Natural Society Public health experts have warned that antibiotic resistance could claim 10 million people each year by 2050. In early December 2016, researchers said they had discovered that livestock had become resistant to a class of antibiotics used only in humans. Now […]

Western Interests Aim To Flummox Russia

By Paul Craig Roberts | Strategic Culture An article by Robert Berke in oilprice.com, which describes itself as «The No. 1 Source for Oil & Energy News», illustrates how interest groups control outcomes by how they shape policy choices. Berke’s article reveals how the US intends to maintain and extend its hegemony by breaking up the […]

From New World Order to Hazy Global Disorder

By Wayne Madsen | Strategic Culture The Donald Trump administration and the Brexit severance of ties between the United Kingdom and the European Union have, in a matter of a little over a half year, changed the world from a post-Cold War «new world order» based on American supremacy to a global «disorder» of altered […]

The New Trump Administration – a New Strategy or a New Paradigm? The View from Russia

By Dmitry Minin | Strategic Culture The first moves by the new US president, Donald Trump, have demonstrated that he is taking his campaign promises seriously and is working to fundamentally restructure the American economic system. Changes that were seen immediately after Trump’s inauguration: the official White House website deleted its pages that formerly proclaimed […]

China Deploys Nuclear ICBM System In ‘Response to Trump’s Provocative Remarks’

By Jay Syrmopoulos | The Free Thought Project Washington, D.C. – The Chinese wasted no time responding to U.S. President Donald Trump’s tough talk regarding the South China Sea by reportedly deploying an advanced Dongfeng-41 ICBM system in Heilongjiang Province, which borders Russia. Xi Jinping’s gave a powerful speech at Davos, in which he essentially […]

Trump’s Declaration of War

By Paul Craig Roberts President Trump’s brief inaugural speech was a declaration of war against the entirety of the American Ruling Establishment. All of it. Trump made it abundantly clear that Americans’ enemies are right here at home: globalists, neoliberal economists, neoconservatives and other unilateralists accustomed to imposing the US on the world and involving […]

Can Trump Fix The Economy In 2017?

By Paul Craig Roberts | Strategic Culture The Western world and that part of the world that partakes of Western explanations live in a fictional world. We see this everywhere we look — in the alleged machinations of Russia to elect Donald Trump president of the US, in claims that Saddam Hussein and his (nonexistent) […]

The Trump Card Will Dominate 2017

Celente: Play the trump card in 2017, make it new and go with it -We need to put back in place what worked before, not replace workers with robots because we continue a constant not in of cheap labor and not benefiting the american worker.

The march to GLEXIT – Globalization Exit

By Wayne Madsen | Strategic Culture The world, through the ballot box, is speaking out. From the British «Yes» vote on BREXIT – the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union – to the election of the anti-globalization Donald Trump as president of the United States, the world is speaking out against the homogenization of […]

All Aboard the Post-TPP World

By Pepe Escobar | Strategic Culture A half-hearted near handshake between US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin before and after they spoke «for about four minutes», standing up, on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Lima, Peru, captured to perfection the melancholic dwindling of the Obama era. A whirlwind […]

Facebook Has Created Ominous Censorship Tool to Profit from Chinese Oppression

By Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project Mark Zuckerberg wants his platform back in China in the worst way — so much so, in fact, Facebook has developed technology to systematically censor users’ posts. News of such automated censorship should immediately send chills down the spines of advocates for free speech and press because […]

China’s Airport Security Robot Can Deliver Electroshocks

By Nicholas West | Activist Post While debate surrounds the threat of autonomous “killer robots,” the mechanized replacement of humans continues across the workforce. The industrial robotics industry is logging record sales worldwide, and there appears to be no sign of a slowdown. As you can see in the graphic below, 2015 sales surged 12% over […]

This Is The Chinese Firm Whose Cameras Took Down The Internet On Friday

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge Last Friday many Americans woke up to extremely slow or nonexistent internet services after a cyber attack “of unknown origin” on DNS service provider DYN took down much of the internet in the North East.  As the day wore on, the attack spread across the country taking out numerous […]

The Most Important Story You Didn’t See This Week

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TISA, TTIP and TTP = Corporate Hegemony and Economic Warfare

By Makia Freeman | The Freedom Articles TISA, TTIP and TTP are the attempt to financially pressure US opponents, consolidate power for the corporatocracy and open up new markets for exploitation. TISA, TTIP and TPP continue to be negotiated in secret, as WikiLeaks recently released a new leak from the updated TISA (Trade in Services Agreement) […]

Obama’s Final «Jihad» in Asia

By Wayne Madsen | Strategic Culture President Barack Obama has opted to ratchet up military tensions in Asia as one of his last foreign policy acts as president of the United States. Using climate change and free trade backdrops at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China and the U.S.-ASEAN and East Asia Summits in Vientiane, […]

From An Industrial Economy To A Paper Economy – The Stunning Decline Of Manufacturing In America

By Michael Snyder | The Economic Collapse Why does it seem like almost everything is made in China these days?  Yesterday I was looking at some pencils that we had laying around the house and I noticed that they had been manufactured in China.  I remarked to my wife that it was such a shame […]