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CNN destroyed by twitter users after trying to troll RT (Video)

CNN tries to troll RT and instead gets immediately owned. By Alex Christoforyou | The Duran CNN tries to troll RT and instead gets immediately owned. CNN’s Jake Tapper tried to troll RT with the tweet below, which is reality is a veiled effort to do the bidding of his corporatist masters by trying to […]

Death of a Nation

By James George Jatras | Strategic Culture Every living nation needs symbols. They tell us who we are as one people, in what we believe, and on what basis we organize our common life. This fact seems to be very clear to the current leadership in Russia, particularly to President Vladimir Putin, in restoring and reunifying […]

CNN Host Cries Over Trump Blaming “Both Sides”

What a bunch of fucking idiots…~TS Van Jones on CNN cries over President Trump blaming both sides, and Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and others looked like they were holding back tears. The liberal media freakout hasn’t been this bad since Hillary lost the election.

How Conspiracy Theories Really Work

By Paul Craig Roberts | Strategic Culture In the United States «conspiracy theory» is the name given to explanations that differ from those that serve the ruling oligarchy, the establishment or whatever we want to call those who set and control the agendas and the explanations that support the agendas. The explanations imposed on us […]

CNN Hires Top al-Qaeda Propagandist for Documentary, Fails Miserably Trying to Cover It Up

By Jay Syrmopoulos | The Free Thought Project Bilal Abdul Kareem, of On the Ground News, was contracted by CNN to film a documentary called Undercover in Syria. Kareem is a self-proclaimed media activist living in rebel-held Syria and is considered “one of the top English-language propagandists for al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate Jabat al-Nusra,” according to an […]

#CNN : Losing The Meme War – BADLY

Old Man Punches Out Weaselly CNN Reporter

Good for him…~TS An angry business owner decks a reporter, in this new take on a classic interview with an added CNN-Trump feud twist. CNN blackmailed the maker of the animated gif of Trump ‘body slamming’ CNN, saying they would publish his identity if he makes another one. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. […]

CNN Lies Send Ratings to Record Lows, Yogi Bear, Olsen Twin Reruns Now Have More Viewers

CNN Lies Send Ratings to Record Lows, Yogi Bear, Olsen Twin Reruns Now Have More Viewers By Jack Burns | The Free Thought Project There’s a reason why TFTP does not cite CNN in most of our articles. Plainly stated, the Cable News Network is unreliable. And while the free-thinking great awakening continues to take […]

Top 10 Times CNN Reported Fake News

Ten times CNN spread Fake News. I know there’s a bit of repetition from my Top 20 CNN Fails vid, but I wanted to make a shorter list that specifically focuses on fake news.

CNN Producer: Voters “Stupid as Sh*t”– American Pravda: CNN Part 3

Project Veritas’ newest video from the American Pravda: CNN series exposes Jimmy Carr, the Associate Producer for CNN’s New Day attacking President Donald Trump and admitting that CNN has a left-leaning bias. When asked by an undercover journalist if CNN is impartial, Carr plainly responded, “In theory.” LEAKED ONE AND A HALF OUR LONG AUDIO […]

CNN Caught Editing Out Eyewitness Testimony of Election Vote Fraud

California refuses to comply with Trump investigation into illegal voting By Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com CNN has been caught deliberately editing out eyewitness testimony of vote fraud as California refuses to comply with a Trump administration investigation into how many illegal aliens voted in the presidential election. In James O’Keefe’s latest bombshell, he reveals […]

Fake Story Scandal: How Russia Obsession Led CNN into a Trap

By Alex Gorka | Strategic Culture CNN is in trouble, with its reputation tanking as a result of publishing an article connecting Trump ally and Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci, who served on the executive committee of Trump’s transition team, to the $10-billion Russian Direct Investment Fund. The story based on a single antonymous source happened to be […]

Mainstream Media Fake News Exposed, Again.

For months the mainstream mockingbird whore media led by CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post and the New York Times has tried to stuff the “Russians stole the election” narrative down the throats of the American people. And it hasn’t worked. So they’ve doubled down. The US mainstream media was at it again on Tuesday night, this […]

CNN Host Calls Trump Piece of Sh!t

CNN host Reza Aslan has a profanity problem. ‘Believer’ host flipped out on President Trump over the weekend, and has a long history of using fowl language and bullying people on Twitter. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. Copyright © 2017

CNN BUSTED using crisis actors to stage “Muslim outrage” in London after terror attacks (Video)

There’s no business like show business…~TS By Alex Christoforyou | The Duran Any doubt CNN is fake news? Doubt no more. CNN was busted using crisis actors to stage muslim outrage after the London Bridge terror attack. WATCH. @CNN scripting a narrative. Right before your eyes. pic.twitter.com/rdRbQzbqgy — Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) June 4, 2017 Via ZeroPointNow… […]

Leftists Respond to Kathy Griffin Controversy by Attacking 11-Year-Old Barron Trump

I think this piece of shit that calls herself a comedian needs wonder why she looks like Andy Dick with a wig. Of course Rosie O’C*nt jumped into the mix… By the way Kathy was fired by CNN…You know you fucked up when CNN fires you…~TS They go low….and lower, and lower By Paul Joseph […]

How the Heck Did This Guy Escape Unharmed? – More FAKE News?

Proof CNN Is a Military Psyop

Why Nationalism & a Unified Country TERRIFIES Wall Street

From Wikipedia: “The Overton window, also known as the window of discourse, is the range of ideas the public will accept. It is used by media pundits.[1][2] The term is derived from its originator, Joseph P. Overton (1960–2003),[3] a former vice president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy,[4] who in his description of his […]

CNN Stoops to New Low, Conflates Cleveland Shooter with Violent Video Games

What the hell are you talking about? @brianstelter pic.twitter.com/o23dkyYTY2 — CHARTER 🕵🏾 (@TrueCharter) April 16, 2017