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Mainstream Media Fake News Exposed, Again.

For months the mainstream mockingbird whore media led by CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post and the New York Times has tried to stuff the “Russians stole the election” narrative down the throats of the American people. And it hasn’t worked. So they’ve doubled down. The US mainstream media was at it again on Tuesday night, this […]

CNN BUSTED using crisis actors to stage “Muslim outrage” in London after terror attacks (Video)

There’s no business like show business…~TS By Alex Christoforyou | The Duran Any doubt CNN is fake news? Doubt no more. CNN was busted using crisis actors to stage muslim outrage after the London Bridge terror attack. WATCH. @CNN scripting a narrative. Right before your eyes. pic.twitter.com/rdRbQzbqgy — Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) June 4, 2017 Via ZeroPointNow… […]

How the Heck Did This Guy Escape Unharmed? – More FAKE News?

Propaganda Feeds Fear and Loathing

By Brian Cloughley | Strategic Culture A newspaper headline on May 8 informed the British public that «Putin sends three warships to Latvian waters in the Baltic Sea in latest challenge to NATO» and although the message was clear enough, it was also an instance of misinformation, which is defined as «false or inaccurate information, especially that which is deliberately […]

A Perspective About Donald Trump, The FBI Director, & North Korea You’ll Never See From Mainstream Media

By Arjun Walia | Collective Evolution I think it’s safe to say at this point that the American political system has become one big joke. Presidential races, for the most part, now serve merely as entertainment, meant to captivate the attention of millions of people rather than stand as forums to discuss the many real issues our world currently faces. What’s more, […]

CNN’s Bash Admits Comey Memo is “Deep State” Revenge Against Trump

They “know how to get back, even if you’re the president” By Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com CNN’s Dana Bash let slip the true motivation behind the release of the Comey memo when she acknowledged that it was part of the “deep state” taking revenge against President Trump. In yet another anonymously sourced news story, […]

End Of The Empire – Bill Holter

Bill Holter from JS Mineset returns to SGT Report to discuss the current state of the failing US empire. And Bill warns that despite popular opinion that the DOW, S&P and Nasdaq can only go up, the END could come in a flash, and when that happens, many people who went to be rich on […]

Declassified CIA Documents Show Agency’s Control Over Mainstream Media & Academia

By Arjun Walia | Collective Evolution A declassified document from the CIA archives in the form of a letter from a CIA task force addressed to the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency details the close relationship that exists between the CIA and mainstream media and academia. The document states that the CIA task force “now has […]

BuzzFeed Tricked Into Publishing Fake News Story

Trolls pretending to be transgender gamers plotted to fool BuzzFeed from the start By Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com UPDATE: BuzzFeed didn’t even retract their FAKE news story. They just changed the headline & hoped no one would notice. BuzzFeed didn't even retract their FAKE news story. They just changed the headline & hoped no […]

Mainstream Corporate Media – What Clueless People Should Know

Just unplug people…there’s a life out here to live.

Why Nationalism & a Unified Country TERRIFIES Wall Street

From Wikipedia: “The Overton window, also known as the window of discourse, is the range of ideas the public will accept. It is used by media pundits.[1][2] The term is derived from its originator, Joseph P. Overton (1960–2003),[3] a former vice president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy,[4] who in his description of his […]

Google Rewrites Algorithm To Bury ‘Fake News’ in Search Results

Contractor previously cited Infowars as example of untrustworthy content By Adan Salazar | Infowars.com Popular search engine Google is reconfiguring its algorithm so that so-called “fake news” does not appear at the top of search results. Google parent company Alphabet, Inc. recently announced a “rare, sweeping” change to its search function intended to bury “misleading, […]

Soros-Linked Chobani Yogurt Sues Alex Jones, Infowars Amid Refugee Rape Fallout

Whether you like Alex Jones or not this lawsuit sets a bad precedent that will most likely affect other alt-media outlets and what they report on.  Censorship, that’s the main purpose of this lawsuit…~TS Chobani owner linked to Soros, the Clintons and the Federal Reserve By Infowars.com Chobani Yogurt, which advocates and uses migrant labor […]

The Honey Bee Is Here. Truth Will Prevail.

By SGT Report You Tube producer & researcher The Honey Bee joins me to discuss the blockbuster pedogate-related testimony of an elite Dutch banker, the You Tube ad ban, and much more.

Why I Became Subscriber 54,722,199 and YouTube’s Death Wish!

The lies we’re being fed about what’s going on with Google/YouTube and the advertiser boycott are over the top. The Major Network owners are pulling out all the stops.

The Swamp Is Winning — Jason Burack

I like how this kid dances around the topic of Zionism…~TS Jason Burack from WallStForMainST joins me to discuss Trump VS. the swamp. And it appears that the swamp is winning.

CNN Stoops to New Low, Conflates Cleveland Shooter with Violent Video Games

What the hell are you talking about? @brianstelter pic.twitter.com/o23dkyYTY2 — CHARTER 🕵🏾 (@TrueCharter) April 16, 2017

CNN SHOCKED SPEECHLESS When Congressman Questions Syria Chemical Weapons Story

JOIN THE OPEN SOURCE INVESTIGATION A congressman actually dares to question the officially sanctioned fake news narrative about the Syrian chemical weapons attack live on air…you will believe what happens next! Still, it’s grimly amusing to watch an anchor’s mind melt down on screen. For all the latest on the Syria strike investigation stay tuned […]

Mainstream media: Fake news through lying by omission

By Gideon Polya | MWC News via Global Research Fake news is simply a new, Trump-popularized descriptive for media lying that occurs in 2 basic forms, lying by omission and lying by commission. Lying by omission is far, far worse than lying by commission because the latter can at least admit refutation and public debate. […]

CNN dismisses Rice ‘unmasking’ bombshell: ‘Ginned up as distraction’

Of course…~TS By Kyle Olson | The American Mirror While Fox News is digging for the truth, CNN is waving everyone off. Fox published a bombshell story on Monday indicating former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice “unmasked” for political purposes the identity of Team Trump members communicating with foreign governments. The unmasked names, of people associated […]