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Is The Ft. Lauderdale Shooting a False Flag?

Gee, you think?…~TS David Knight covers the recent developments concerning the Ft. Lauderdale and Air Canada’s tweet. As expected, America starts off the new year with a [fake] bang!

This Legislation Openly Initiates Violence on Everyone

Many may think that when legislators institute “Gun Control” programs, it makes people MORE safe. But the opposite is true. Here’s EXACTLY why.

Clinton Delegate Reveals Hillary’s Gun Grab Plot

I’m going a bit heavy on the circus material (politics) because I know people are interested in it and I can’t stand Bill and Hillary Clinton. There’s a lot more stuff going with those two besides the corruption that is coming to light in the mainstream media that everybody hears about. Look up Cathy O’Brien […]

Police Are Using the Dallas Shooting to Go After Legal Open Carry

By Kory Watkins | The Free Thought Project Why would law enforcement want to attack legally open carrying individuals? Freedom and control. Texas was one of five states to not have legal open carry of a modern day handgun — this was until people grew frustrated and did something about it. Not too long ago, […]

Dallas Sets New Police State Precedent: Using ‘Robots with Bombs’ to Blow up Suspects

Is it staged? Did they really blow the shooter up? Does it matter? They love when people get caught up in the details and spin their wheels. I’ve said this many times, you can debate all day long if events are false flags, staged events, hoaxes, the big picture is what matters. The big picture […]

Jordan Maxwell Back After Heart Attack & Talks Brexit, Gun Control, CERN & Personal Sovereignty.

Crowder Schools SkyNews on Guns

Crikey! Steven shoved it up this bloke’s ass…~TS Crowder debates SkyNews host on gun control.

Hollywood Stars Want Congress To Issue Gun Control On You While They Have Armed Bodyguards

Hollywood Stars Want Congress To Issue Gun Control On You While They Have Armed Bodyguards

Like Clockwork, Every Stupid Argument for Destroying the 2nd Amendment

Utterly ridiculous, but sadly predictable. Now Jeh Johnson is saying gun control is a matter of homeland (national) security and something has to be done that doesn’t infringe on the 2nd amendment *AS INTERPRETED BY THE SUPREME COURT. We could ask Scalia what he thinks about that, but he’s dead. Others are calling for a […]

Hillary Won’t Say the 2nd Amendment Is a Constitutional Right

Another epic from the cartoon that has become our reality… Hillary, who has already made it clear she intends to sign a multitude of gun control executive orders if she becomes president, refused to say that the Second Amendment is a right. Instead she said, “IF it is a Constitutional right…”

No Fly No Buy: Obama’s Last Ditch Effort to Cripple the Second Amendment

By Joshua Krause | The Daily Sheeple There’s one thing that all gun grabbing politicians have in common. They are all quite adamant that they don’t want to take your guns. They’ll tell you over and over again that all they want is a few reasonable regulations. Every once in a blue moon they’ll let […]

Anti-Gun PSA featuring Alice in Wonderland – Brady Campaign EXPOSED

In this video, we take a look at the new Anti-Gun PSA released by the Brady Campaign featuring Alice in Wonderland.

Pro-Constitution Sheriff Under Attack in Oregon

SHOW NOTES AND MP3 In 2013 Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer became one of the most visible of a score of sheriffs across the US who stood up against gun control measures proposed by the Obama administration. Last year he was hospitalized after receiving a letter containing a suspicious substance. This year he is under […]

Joe Biden: “The Second Amendment Says You Can Limit Who Can Own a Gun”

Put the booze down buddy…~TS By Tim Brown | Freedom Outpost Vice President Joe Biden is at it again, putting things in the Constitution that aren’t there and then attempting to go after guns just like he and his partner in crime, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah, has done. Only this time, he is actually […]

Obama Responds to Infowars on Gun Control, Martial Law

Of course they roll in Anderson Cooper to interview Obama…~TS Desperate Obama forced to counter Infowars directly By Kit Daniels | Infowars.com Much like the Wizard of Oz, President Obama asked Americans to ignore “some website” showcasing the “conspiracy” by the Obama administration to disarm Americans and condition the country for martial law. It’s not hard to […]

Put Biometric Controls On Guns Shipped To Jihadists

Alex Jones talks with journalist and author Wayne Madsen about obama’s latest gun grab scam and who is really the leader of isis is finally revealed.

Obama’s Fake Cry At Press Conference

President employs tearful appeal to emotion in attempt to eviscerate Second Amendment.  

Obama Announces Executive Action On Gun Control

The fake tears, the lying, the no fly list, expanded background checks, tracking people with mental health “issues” (which is everybody according to western medicine), smart guns, skirting the constitution, this makes me sick. His acting is as bad as the crisis actors they use in all of their fake shootings. Hey Barry how about […]

Here’s How Obama Plans To Unilaterally Curb Your Second Amendment Rights

Here we go again with the pen and phone By Bizpac Review | Michael Dorstewitz The White House Press Office published a “fact sheet” late Monday describing the executive actions President Obama intends to sign to “reduce gun violence and make our communities safer.” They cover four areas: Expanding the background check system, increasing the role […]

Obama Calls Executive Actions on Guns ‘Consistent’ with Second Amendment

President says proposal “well within my legal authority and the executive branch” By Mikael Thalen | Infowars.com Image Credits: coastguardnews / Flickr. President Obama labeled his upcoming executive actions on gun control “consistent with the Second Amendment” Monday during a public address from the Oval Office. “I’m… confident that the recommendations that are being made […]

No Crime. No Trial. No Reason: The Precedent Is Set for Gun Confiscations

By Joshua Krause | The Daily Sheeple After the San Bernardino shooting, the most pressing issue for progressives was closing the gun “loophole” that allows suspected terrorists to buy firearms. Specifically, they seem to think that people who have been flagged by the government, and placed on the no-fly list, should also be prevented from […]