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YouTube is Now Purging Evidence of War Crimes—Labeling it as ‘Extremist’ Content

YouTube is now labelling videos that show the United States conducting airstrikes and committing war crimes in the Middle East as “extremist” content. By Rachel Blevins | The Free Thought Project Just one month after YouTube deleted a video of the United States air-dropping weapons to ISIS and claimed that it contained “violent or graphic […]

Did America’s Long War Against Syria End on July 26th?

By Eric Zuesse | Strategic Culture On July 26th, the US government abandoned its support of ‘the Syrian rebels’ who have been fighting to overthrow the Syrian government. The Syrian people want to get rid of them, and ‘the rebels’ will now have to leave the country and go back to the countries they came […]

Trump Watched a Video of ‘Moderate’ Rebels Behead a Child Before Stopping CIA from Arming Them

Apparently, Donald Trump watched a video that was suppressed by western media of ‘Moderate rebels’ beheading a child, which led him to stop the CIA Syria program. By Jay Syrmopoulos | The Free Thought Project Washington, D.C. – New revelations have come to light that explain President Trump’s recent decision to end the CIA’s covert […]

The Engineered Destruction and Political Fragmentation of Iraq

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham: An instrument of the Western Military Alliance By Prof Michel Chossudovsky | Global Research Author’s Introduction and Update (July 14, 2017) First published by GR on June 14, 2014, updated August 2014, this article reveals how the US and its allies facilitated the incursion of Islamic State (ISIS) […]

Western Media Disinformation on Mosul. Raped and Destroyed, not Liberated as falsely Claimed

By Stephen Lendman | Global Research A neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post report is one of numerous examples. It lied, claiming America’s defeat (sic) of ISIS in Mosul shows how it how it can succeed militarily in the Middle East. In numerous articles on Mosul, I discussed US aggression, Pentagon terror-bombing, indiscriminately massacring countless thousands of civilians, […]

Iran set to release documents linking US with ISIS

By Adam Garrie | The Duran Donald Trump once said something similar. Hamid Reza Moghadam Far, an official representing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has stated that Iran plans on releasing new documents demonstrating that not only was the US systematic in the founding of ISIS but that the US continues to aid the Salafist terrorist […]

How Britain Helped Create ISIS

By Steven MacMillan | New Eastern Outlook Britain is gripped by fear, panic and anger, after being struck by three terror attacks in the space of three months. Innocent men, women and children have been killed in the terror rampage, filling many homes with tragedy and despair. Martial law has practically been declared in many […]

Is London Bridge Terror Attack A False Flag?

You think? Remember, a false flag doesn’t necessarily mean people really didn’t die. Amateur researchers are equating false flags with completely staged events and no deaths. Doesn’t always work that way. They’ll roll in there, kill people, and blame it on ISIS or whatever group and then have actors interviewed by reporters after the fact. […]

Theresa May is a Communist on free speech–Jeremy Corbyn a pragmatist about terrorism

I watch these YouTube videos and I have to laugh, people are constantly attempting to breakdown these terror attacks and claim what’s fake and what’s not like they’re calling a ballgame they’re not playing in. Whether you think terror attacks are real or fake they’re using them to clamp down on your freedom, so it […]

WaPo: Trump Revealed “Highly Classified Information” In Meeting With Russians, White House Denies

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge Update: As expected, immediately after Wapo published their latest provocative Trump story, the mainstream media echo chamber went into full effect, first NYT. We have confirmed elements of the blockbuster Post story. Read our initial version here. Developing. https://t.co/eD1EleSNZH — Michael D. Shear (@shearm) May 15, 2017 And Reuters: […]

Here are the Top 10 Broken Promises of Trump’s First 100 Days

By Annabelle Bamforth | The Free Thought Project President Donald Trump has hit his 100-day mark as commander in chief. While Trump has made good on some of his promises such as making adjustments to government agencies, creating a coalition to combat the opioid crisis, and making sweeping changes to the federal tax code, he […]

Trump Now a Captive of the Deep State

By Paul Craig Roberts | Institute for Political Economy When the gullible and insouciant American public and the presstitutes who participate in the deceptions permitted the Deep State to get away with the fairy tale that a few Saudi Arabians under the direction of Osama bin Laden, but without the support of any government or […]

Top Ten Reasons To Doubt Official Story On Assad Poison-Gas Attack

By Jon Rappoport | Jon Rappoport’s Blog The sarin-gas attack story prompted the US missile strike on a Syrian runway. Here are the top ten reasons for doubting that story, and instead calling it a convenient pretext: ONE: Photos show rescue workers treating/decontaminating people injured or killed in the gas attack. The workers aren’t wearing […]

Dr. Ron Paul’s diagnosis of America’s sick foreign policy

By Adam Garrie | The Duran Unlike others he examined the China angle. Long time anti-war former US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, has spoken of his dismay at Donald Trump’s war on Syria. Calling it a ‘victory for neo-cons’, Paul explained the similarities and differences between yesterday’s attack and a false flag incident in Syria […]

Steve Pieczenik: Cruise Missile Strikes Were A Statement to China

I have my doubts. I like the below comment from youtube..~TS What was the purpose of Donald Trump striking a Syrian airbase? Was it to send a strong message to Chinese President Xi?

Virgin Birth (Symbolism, Mythology, and Mystery)

By Joseph Panek | A Seeker’s Thoughts The doctrine of Virgin Birth is an extremely ancient and common motif (theme) found in the numerous mythologies, legends, and religions throughout our planet. However, before we begin to explore the doctrine of Virgin Birth, it is important that we understand the Alchemical, Hermetic, Gnostic, and Esoteric meaning […]

America Is Facing a Dangerous Enemy. We Just Can’t Agree Who It Is

Now if we would only stop funding them…~TS By Uri Friedman | Defense One Our ideological adversary is powerful, authoritarian, and spreading. And it is completely different depending on which government officials you’re talking to. America is currently engaged in an epic war of ideas in which the country’s very way of life is at […]

Russian strategic bombers hit ISIS in Raqqa

By RT Russian Tu-95 bombers have struck Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL) targets in Syria’s Raqqa region using X-101 cruise missiles, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement, adding that it informed the US about the operation.On February 17, 2017, strategic missile carrying Tu-95 bombers made an operational flight from the territory of the […]

Trump Gives Pentagon 30 Days to Come Up With ISIS Defeat Plan

Step 1, stop funding them…~TS

A Preview Of Trump’s Seven Imminent Executive Orders

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge Having already signed a (mostly symbolic) executive order on Obamacare on Friday night, urging US agencies to “waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay the implementation” of provisions deemed to impose fiscal burdens on states, companies or individuals, Trump is preparing to unload a volley of many more executive […]

Obama: A Legacy of Ashes

I love the opening clips. Is Chris Matthews ever sober? I don’t care if people drink but this guy seems like he’s always half in the bag on air…~TS By the corbettreport SHOW NOTES Obama’s legacy is measured in ashes. From wars of aggression to a police state on steroids, banking bailouts and Obamacare, Obama […]