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The Ugly Truth About Relativism

Is everything relative and subjective? Stefan Molyneux explains the society destroying dangers of relativism and how it is being used to erode the foundation of western civilization.

Pax Dickinson – Counter.Fund: Alt-Right Crowdfunding, Leftist Censorship and Forced Diversity

Pax is an experienced technologist with 20 years industry experience. He is the co-founder of WeSearchr, former CTO of Business Insider, and chairman of Counter.Fund. Pax joins us for a discussion on digital platform censorship, free speech, current events, and much more. We first talk about Pax’s professional background, including his firing from Business Insider. […]

Leftists Scream, “You’re Getting the Shank, White Boy”, Stab Trump Supporter

A prominent Trump activist was stabbed in California after men who are allegedly Armenian gang members saw his pro-Trump, America and Infowars stickers on his car.

Violent Liberal Rhetoric and Threats to President Trump (Compilation)

What happened to Mickey Rourke? You would think after several plastic surgery disasters he would have stopped fucking his face up any further…~TS From Jim Carrey, to Snoop Dogg, Mickey Rourke and even Vice President Joe Biden, the violent rhetoric and threats from liberals aimed at President Trump is astonishing. Here’s just a small sample […]

Protesters Interrupt ‘Trump Assassination’ Play in Central Park

Protesters interrupted Friday night’s ‘Julius Caesar’ play in Central Park which depicts President Trump being assassinated. Laura Loomer stormed the stage to denounce the normalization of violence against Conservatives the play is promoting. Jack Posobiec got the video and also gave the audience a piece of his mind. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

March Against Sharia & March Against Islamophobia in Raleigh, NC

March Against Sharia Law & March Against Islamophobia both took place in Raleigh, NC on June 10th, together with a number of other locations around the US. Here is a flavor of some of the participants.

Antifa/SJW Tolerance: Tossing Piss at Lauren Southern at March Against Shariah

BLM Activist Unleashes Racist Tirade on Tucker: ‘Boo-Hoo White People’

‘If you don’t like people excluding others on the basis of their race… then why are you doing it?’ By Kelen McBreen | Infowars.com Tucker Carlson recently invited political activist and Black Lives Matter supporter Lisa Durden onto his program to explain why a BLM Memorial Day event in New York City was for “blacks […]

Leftists Respond to Kathy Griffin Controversy by Attacking 11-Year-Old Barron Trump

I think this piece of shit that calls herself a comedian needs wonder why she looks like Andy Dick with a wig. Of course Rosie O’C*nt jumped into the mix… By the way Kathy was fired by CNN…You know you fucked up when CNN fires you…~TS They go low….and lower, and lower By Paul Joseph […]

Kathy Griffin Holds Donald Trumps Bloodied Head In ISIS Like Video

Kathy Griffin tries to revive her career by going full ISIS Mode on what appears too be a bloodied head of President Trump. She brags about wanting his head bloodied and detached from his body. This is the truly disturbing attitude and actions we are seeing from the so called progressive loving left.

Tim Allen Fired by ABC for Exposing Hollywood’s Liberal Insanity

I don’t give a shit about Tim Allen but it’s obvious what went on here, he opened his mouth about the liberals (Zionists) in Hollywood, his show was cancelled…~TS Comedian Tim Allen’s show ‘Last Man Standing’ has been canceled by ABC, despite being one of the network’s most watched shows. Recently Tim denounced Hollywood’s treatment […]

Dirty, Dumb, Antifa Scum

Is there anything more pathetic that wealthy trust fund babies pretending to be a part of a proletariat revolution? I’m really not sure.

Bill Nye the Bull$hit guy

Do you love science? I know I sure do. I love Bill Nye’s science the most, because it never disagrees with me and constantly validates my personal and political opinions!

Will Activist Judges Stop President Trump? | Daniel Horowitz and Stefan Molyneux

We are confronted with a jarring reality that the Left has succeeded in growing the power of the courts. President Barack Obama was successful in replacing roughly 30 percent of the district and appellate judges on the federal benches. The United States of America is now facing an unprecedented judicial time bomb, the likes of […]

CNN Show Interviews AltRight Supporters & Pushes “Refugees” Propaganda

CNN’s show United Shades of (Brown) America filmed at the NPI AltRight conference. Since Lana was interviewed, she talks about their editing hack job. The show attempts to show ‘evil White people’ vs. the enrichment of non-White immigrants and refugees.

Au Revoir France – True News: Week In Review – May 9th, 2017

By Stefan Molyneux 0:00 – French Presidential Election Fallout 1:20:27 – New Milgram Experiment Conducted in Poland 1:25:07 – Why Are Women Searching for Ultra-Violent Porn? 1:33:10 – Bill To Give Venezuelan Illegal Immigrants U.S. Residency 1:35:44 – Measles Outbreak in Minnesota Grows to 41 Cases 1:36:49 – Child Pornography Kingpin Gets 30-years In Prison […]


Bill Nye, the Orwellian Propaganda Guy

#FireColbert Due to his Lack of Entertainment Value, and the Hypocrisy of the “Left”

Why Nationalism & a Unified Country TERRIFIES Wall Street

From Wikipedia: “The Overton window, also known as the window of discourse, is the range of ideas the public will accept. It is used by media pundits.[1][2] The term is derived from its originator, Joseph P. Overton (1960–2003),[3] a former vice president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy,[4] who in his description of his […]