Q: Rothschild Black Forest

SGTreport Trump VS the deep state globalist coup, the DOW tanks 666 points sending a very clear message, Q posts about the Rothschild black forest, very troubling news about a detective who made a huge impact on the Madeleine McCann… Read More ›

The Big Secret Diana Knew

Jay Myers Documentaries Was Diana murdered for what she discovered ? Princess Diana was a woman of many secrets but could she have uncovered a palace secret so explosive it would have brought down the entire monarchy? New evidence shows… Read More ›

The storm IS here. New Executive Order

Issued on 12/21…good date…~TS Sandra Proude Does this executive order signify the pending doom for the deep state…the world wide satanic cabal??? Chris Simpson Channel On Thursday, the Trump Administration launched “a new sanctions regime targeting human rights abusers and… Read More ›