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NOTHING to SEE HERE! Move Along and Stop Questioning Us

I’m not going to say much here, but I will say I don’t think Alex Jones is cointelpro. In my opinion I think he and his family were threatened and/or they were going after his business/income. I don’t slight people for making money, you need to put food on the table. He’s a big target. […]

PizzaGate / PedoGate Protest Live Stream

Alex Jones Apologizes For Pizzagate Coverage


2 High-Level Govt Child Trafficking Rings Busted and American Media is Silent

There’s been over 1,500 arrests of child traffickers in the U.S. since Trump took office. Hopefully they start moving up the chain…~TS By Jack Burns | The Free Thought Project In late 2016, the government’s spin machine made it a point to feature “pizza gate,” only to mock anyone who would ever believe it to […]

🍕 #PizzaGate – Out of Darkness Into the Light – Part 1, 2, and 3

Jake does excellent work, some of the best reports on child trafficking and pedophile rings I have seen on YouTube…~TS By End Times News Report This pilot episode of Out of Darkness Into the Light is the first in a long series of videos exploring the subject of sex trafficking, child slavery and the involvement […]

🚨 #PIZZAGATE ALERT! End Times News Report Results in $5 Million Lawsuit Threat

Maybe David Seaman wasn’t full of shit after all…~TS By End Times News Report To get straight to the lawsuit threat, skip to: 8:52 Sorry for the low video quality. I’m getting hit with DOS attacks again and couldn’t get a normal quality video uploaded after several attempts. I had to reduce the quality way […]

CITIZEN JOURNALISTS: Doing The Work The MSM Won’t – Brittany Pettibone

By SGTreport Author, Twitter sensation and citizen Journalist Brittany Pettibone joins me to discuss Pedogate and the rise of citizen journalism, the last defense against the criminally corrupt, corporate controlled mainstream media. Follow Brittany on Twitter @BrittPettibone

DAVID BROCK: Rent-A-Troll For Trillionaires, Pizzagate Silencer

By David Seaman Are you an “elite” (LOL) family that wants to dampen legitimate criticism of your crimes, or do you want to influence mass consciousness on the Internet? Hire David Brock! He comes highly recommended by the Rothschild family, I hear!

PODESTA, We Will NOT Stop Digging

By SGTreport Twitter sensations PizzagateAngela & SkippyMolesta joins me to dig deeper into the #Pizzagate anomalies and latest developments. And the bottom line is a meesage to John Podesta: We will NEVER stop digging.

How David Brock Has DESTROYED The Internet

By David Seaman Like your Internet the way it used to Internet? Blame David Brock for the creepy Orwellian hellscape it has morphed into. Allegedly.

David Seaman – Pizzagate Slander Response

Full Notes

Pizzagate Researcher David Seaman’s Videos Vanish From Youtube After BuzzFeed Hit Piece

Interesting development and I’m still sorting through it. I know some people are whining because David was promoting Goldmoney, making some money, likes Donald Trump, covered PizzaGate, and that he’s a Jew..which means he HAS to be a Zionist (sarcasm). Apparently that was enough for some people not to like him. I personally couldn’t care […]

🍕 President Trump Holds Anti-Human Trafficking Meeting

He’s talking about child trafficking and pedophile rings folks…~TS President Donald J. Trump Anti-Human Trafficking Meeting White House February 23, 2017 Put more walnut sauce on your #pizza and shut up, #Skippy. You're lucky you're not in jail yet. I stress "yet…" https://t.co/YTi3UbwWU9 — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) February 22, 2017

John Podesta Caught Spewing Endless LIES About #Pizzagate

This powerful interview contains breaking news about John Podesta’s lies about the investigation known as Pizzagate. We also dissect the highly suspicious development that actor Ashton Kutcher is partnering with the DHS to expose and stop human trafficking. My guests, Twitter sensation ‘Pizzagate Angela’, follow her at @Notmanipulated 7 and Michael, an excellent researcher help […]

Former CIA officer: Flynn fired over high-level DC pedophile list

Former CIA officer Robert David Steele explains how Flynn was really fired because he was in possession of a high-level Washington DC pedophile list with many names. One of those names was Vice President Mike Pence’s “best friend”. Steele also says that there are restaurants in Washington DC and Saudi Arabia where you can literally […]

May Day, May Day 2017 And Washington, DC Pedophilia

By Catherine J. Frompovich | Activist Post This report will be short and to the point: BIG trouble is looming on the U.S. horizon for spring 2017. George Soros, et al, including the Clinton Clan and others, apparently are formulating plans to cause serious civil unrest, i.e., the “Purple Revolution,” including three million ‘paid protestors’ […]

#PizzaGate / #PedoGate – The UnAnswered Questions Documentary – Part 1, 2, and 3

By Titus Frost This is the result of an open source investigation into PizzaGate. I cover the entire scandal up to this date, and go over the largest pieces of evidence associated with this case. This is the first part of a multi part documentary to cover the entire PizzaGate / PedoGate scandal. I will […]

Global PEDOPHILIA Rings Exposed And Arrested — Where’s U.S. Press Coverage?

By Catherine J. Frompovich | Activist Post “Pizzagate” is a familiar pop culture buzzword and everyone probably knows what it means or that it is affiliated with sexual abuse of children, especially in Washington, DC.    However, there has been breaking news about world-wide arrests regarding pedophilia, but the U.S. media and television—other than CBS journalist […]

FBI Raids Adoption Agency, New Podesta Video Found?!

I think we might be getting trolled. My gut is telling me this video is bogus and it’s been put out there so the alt-media runs with it only to have it proven as a hoax down the line in an effort to discredit Pizzagate investigations. We’ll see…~TS WARNING: GRAPHIC Hey @johnpodesta care to explain […]

#PizzaGate #PedoGate Smoking Gun Evidence: “Cheese Pizza” Child Porn on Comet’s Site

This is a very important development in the “PizzaGate” investigation if what he says in this video is true…~TS By Titus Frost Smoking Gun evidence of Child Porn aka Cheese Pizza found on Comet’s and Buck’s websites. Protected sections were hacked by an Anonymous hacker. Back in December I had covered the protected section on […]