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New Season of Buzzsaw – Forbidden Knowledge for a New Age with Billy Carson

As the dull roar of mainstream media lulls the masses into mindless complacency, a Buzzsaw cuts through the din of the mainstream narrative to explore hidden truths and reawaken the planet. Join Sean Stone as he takes an unflinching look into the hidden agendas behind world politics, popular culture and news events.

A Century of War – Parts 1 – 4

On this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Sean Stone premiers his brand new documentary, “A Century of War.” Interviews with Thom Hartmann, William Engdahl, Ramez Naam, and Michael Hudson among others take us through the first stages of a century of war in America: endless war, the decline of the America middle class, and a […]

Chemtrail Busting, Aliens, and the Disruption of Wilhelm Reich with Sharon Daphna

Chemtrail busting, orgone energy, alien and government conspiracies of weather wars, and the persecution of Wilhelm Reich are explored with Sharon Daphna. Chemtrails and contrail differences are laid out, and what people can do to disrupt atmospheric negative energy is explained. How heavy metals and strange additional ingredients are mysteriously used, the way concerned citizens […]

Psychic War Healing, Afghanistan Lies & Pat Tillman Truth with Torrey Grossman

Afghanistan and Iraq war lies are explored with fmr. ranger turned whistleblower Sgt. Torrey Grossman–who exposes the culture and economy of war and violence as the misguided killing machine it is. Pat Tillman’s death and rumors of assassination + the orchestrated code of silence around Tillman, and the struggle to unplug from the military matrix […]

Alien Disclosure’s Mandela Effect with Ronnie McMullen

Alien truth and the possibility of meaningful government disclosure, changing political rhetoric on UFO & alien contact, and the Mandela effect are explored with Ronnie McMullen on Buzzsaw. How the secret space program could be used in both space and genetic wars, martial law scenarios and the possibility of a reckoning, plus genetic engineering in […]

Smashing Technological Neo-Colonialism with Email Inventor Shiva Ayyadurai & Jordan Flesher

Breaking the technological paradigm of confusion and dogmatic colonialism is explored with email inventor Shiva Ayyadurai and life coach Jordan Flesher. How did the military industrial complex conspire with the technology industry to create a new hamster wheel for humanity to blindly run itself to death, and what is the key to breaking free of […]

Anatomy of a False Flag with Ole Dammegård

False Flag terrorist events staged by the so-called “elite” in power are explored with Ole Dammegård. The Paris attacks of November 13, 2015, the strange satanic scene at the Bataclan Theater, the Eagles of Death Metal, and how the previous event in Copenhagen was predicted by Dammegård, plus the origin of false flag operations are […]

Brussels Attack False Flag Theories Explored with Sibel Edmonds & Kevin Barrett

Was Brussels a false flag terror attack that has been blamed on ISIS by Europe, the US, and Israel? We explore the familiar playbook of the “terrorists” in Belgium, connect the dots with Paris, 9/11, and Operation Gladio in this uncensored discussion with Sibel Edmonds and Kevin Barrett. How has the target on Syria and […]

Globalist Technology is Lightyears Ahead

Actor and Filmmaker Sean Stone exposes how Globalist technology is lightyears ahead of what is known by the public. Sean also talks about his new film, Paranormal Activity Security Squad. Film director Sean Stone, the son of Oliver Stone, discusses the current clash of civilizations in the West and the occult symbolism and agendas in […]

Alex Jones on Bohemian Grove, Stanley Kubrick & the New World Order

Rough audio, Alex’s audio level was too hot. As I have stated on here in the past I think Alex Jones is the real deal…~TS Alex Jones speaks with Sean Stone about Bohemian Grove, Stanley Kubrick’s unique psychic insight into the illuminati, and the true face of Satan in an uncensored discussion on Buzzsaw. From […]

Refugees Overrun Germany & Europe In Decline with Oliver Janich

How the refugee crisis in Germany is showing the cracks in the European union, and the decline of the West is illuminated with author and political activist Oliver Janich. Are the refugees being organized by government agencies like the CIA? Is this human crisis part of a two-fold attack on society, compounded with the economic […]

Human-Alien Bloodlines, Antarctica Mysteries & the Missing Missing Link with Brad Olsen

Human-alien bloodlines, and the mysterious truth about the roots of humanity are explored with Brad Olsen, who illuminates the ancient alien connection that may have been buried in Antarctica. From the inhabitants of Atlantis, to the Paracas skulls, and the Rh blood type markers that trace extraterrestrial DNA among people, Olsen lifts the lid on […]

Sandy Hook False Flag + San Bernardino & Boston Bombing Conspiracies Exposed with Jim Fetzer

Explore Sandy Hook with Jim Fetzer, who declares that nobody died at Newtown, and illuminates the false flag that was orchestrated to help dismantle the 2nd amendment. We also discuss Craft security services, the San Bernardino shooting, and Boston Bombing, and why President Obama has gone out of his way to keep certain things quiet […]

Islam, Injustice, and Going Behind the Myths of Power with Sean Stone

Sean Stone turns the tables on Buzzsaw, by being the interview subject in a discussion that explores his connection to Islam–as well as all the major religions–and shedding light on his personal politics and philosophy. We also discuss Donald Trump, the 2016 election, political and religious scapegoating, ISIS and the ‘shade of swords,’ all in […]

Time Travel Wars of Aliens and Men, ISIS & Galactic Awakening with Andrew Bartzis

Alien time wars and the galactic conflict being fought on Earth, and how ISIS in Syria is symbolic of a larger clash and chaos are explored with galactic historian Andrew Bartzis. Explore the different alien strains, reptile families, and church conspiracies that are orchestrating global disorder, and reaffirm that the Earth is not flat after […]

The Shadow & Metaphysical Code Of Light + Darkness Explored with Colin E. Davis & Melissa Mari

Explore the shadow, and learn of life’s duality both light and dark, with an exploration of metaphysical energy as a means of understanding and managing the destructiveness of the universe and humanity, in this discussion with Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari. Processing negativity beyond scapegoating external entities, and cleaning the slate to create renewed […]

Illuminati Bloodlines, the Pope, and Russia’s Rising Influence with Leuren Moret

  Trace the bloodlines of the Illuminati from the ancient Persians, to the modern Jesuits and learn how the Pope might be the final step in the New World Order, with author Leuren Moret. From the Aldebrondinis, to Vladimir Putin (who happens to be the new Tsar)–we uncover how power has shifted to the East, […]

Columbus, Catholic Church & Courts: The Ongoing Destruction of Native Americans

  How Native Americans have been destroyed by Columbus, Catholic Church doctrine, and the courts of the United States is explained by Pagans in the Promised Land author, Steven Newcomb. We look at the religious framework for the European land grab and blood bath that devastated native peoples, and the court justification based on clear […]

Paris Attacks, False Flags & ISIS’ True Leadership with Webster Tarpley

  Questions of the Paris attack being a false flag event, and who is really directing ISIS are answered by Webster Tarpley. Is Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the leader of Daesh? Has the CIA and the US government been using ISIS as an extension of the military in Iraq and Syria? We look at […]

Punk Rock, Music Mind Control & Murder with Patrick Murray

  Punk rock and the music industry puppet masters that corrupt and kill artists are examined with Patrick Murray. How Stiv Bators and Johnny Thunders died under unusual circumstances related to their message, the cabal of illuminati Eyes Wide Shut-style depravity and abuse that happens in the elite London shadow world, and the battle between […]

Metaphysics, Aliens & Earth Cycles of Light and Darkness with Dr. Kion Ahadi

  Metaphysics and the chain of alien wisdom that has continued from prehistory to the modern age is explored with author Dr. Kion Ahadi. How Earth cycles of light and darkness are transitioned by all humans, and spiritual energies can be exploited by charismatic figures, reptilians, and religious founders–including L. Ron Hubbard–are shared. Zoroastrianism, Scientology, […]