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Hillary Is America

Except that she’s a dark occultist with abnormal sexual proclivities. I can’t say the same for most Americans…~TS By Robert Gore | Straight Line Logic Psychologically, there’s nothing out of the ordinary about Hillary in contemporary America. Fyodor Dostoyevsky would… Read More ›

5 Paranormal Military Experiments | Documentary

The Paranormal Scholar For the last century, governments around the world have been attempting to harness the power of the mind. Secret government agencies have spent millions in serious attempts to weaponize extra sensory perception, for use against their enemies.

Winning in Africa

By Brian Cloughley | Strategic Culture On October 4 in Niger in central Africa four American special forces soldiers were killed in an ambush by “fifty fighters, thought to be associated with ISIS [Islamic State], a US official said.” In the… Read More ›