By Finian Cunningham | Strategic Culture The political opponents of President Trump have found a new lever for sabotaging his presidency – his alleged embrace of white supremacists and Neo-Nazis. He is now being labelled a «sympathizer» of fascists and bringing America’s international image into disrepute. Cue the impeachment proceedings. Notably, the same power-nexus that […]

By Aaron Kesel | Activist Post A group of concerned citizens has brought a 325-page class action lawsuit against Nestlé Waters North America, the company that owns Poland Spring, alleging that the Maine business has long deceived their customers by mislabeling common groundwater as “spring water,” Courthouse News reported. The lawsuit was filed in a […]

Henrik gives an update on the latest development with the restoration of the websites and his experience at Charlottesville. There is an extraordinary amount of lies spewing out from the MSM. The media is the real crook and a witch hunt of unrivaled proportions has begun against anyone that attended the protest for the removal […]

A pilot showing you the curvature 🙂 …~TS This video clearly shows the Earth’s curvature is visible at high altitude. We fly significantly higher than most commercial aircraft. We operate above 45,000 ft routinely. Airliners operate typically Mid to High 30’s. (35,000 to 39,000 ft) The aircraft below and ahead of us is a Qantas […]

By Styxhexenhammer666 Seems the new way to quit is to talk to the media fully expecting they will report a supposedly private conversation, remember Mooch? Steve Bannon is out at the White House, the globalists have pushed him out but they may be creating their own worst nightmare.

By Arjun Walia | Collective Evolution There are many uninformed individuals when it comes to knowing what’s happening within the modern day medical industry, and by no fault of their own. The world of medical science, unfortunately, has been plagued with scientific fraud and pharmaceutical company influence. The words ‘big pharma’ are far from a […]

Critics of the new law argue that it takes away an individual’s right to due process, by confiscating his or her guns based on a single complaint. By Rachel Blevins | The Free Thought Project A new law in Oregon could lead to residents having all of their guns confiscated based on a single complaint, […]

By End Times News Report A member of the Clinton crime family, Imran Awan, was indicted by a grand jury today for conspiracy and bank fraud.

By History books, the media, the school systems, etc abound in falsehoods and inaccuracies of Confederate and Southern history. This fact sheet will help to clarify and dispell some of these rampant inaccuracies. MYTH  –   The War of 1861 – 1865 was fought over slavery. FACT  –   Terribly untrue. The North fought […]

By Ancient-Origins On Monday, August 21, people living in the continental United States will be able to see a total solar eclipse. Humans have been alternatively amused, puzzled, bewildered and sometimes even terrified at the sight of this celestial phenomenon. A range of social and cultural reactions accompanies the observation of an eclipse . In […]

By Makia Freeman | The Freedom Articles Declassified files reveal the black-and-white facts of governmental collusion, corruption, crime and conspiracy. They show the shocking extent to which groups of people, using and hiding behind the concept of “government”, have committed egregious acts of injury, harm and murder. However, thanks to the internet and the spread […]

And they bitch about David Duke, who by the way I’m starting to think may be an intelligence agency stooge and provocateur. He just happened to be at the “wrong place at the wrong time” in Charlottesville, VA last week and he loves to mention Trump’s name all the time…~TS By End Times News Report […]

I personally think Snowden should be pardoned…~TS By Adam Garrie | The Duran The meeting comes as Trump flaunts his ability to invoke Presidential pardons. On Tuesday, US Congressman from California, Dana Rohrabacher had a private meeting with Julian Assange at the Embassy of Ecuador in London. Rohrabacher is known as a strong Trump supporter and something […]

By Garikai Chengu | Global Research Incisive article originally published by GR in September 2014.   Terror attacks in Western cities (Manchester, Paris, Brussels, Nice) allegedly perpetrated by Al Qaeda-ISIS. Following the tragic events in Manchester, public opinion should be informed as to who is behind the Islamic State. The question that should be asked: […]

By Jay Syrmopoulos | The Free Thought Project The Trump administration’s decision to halt the covert CIA program of arming ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria was lambasted in the mainstream press, but for those paying attention, this was an intelligent move — namely, because those ‘moderate rebels’ are actually terrorists. Now, new information reveals that Syrians […]

Keep thinking space is fake dumb dumbs, they’re hoping you do…~TS Black budget projects leaked to the public and disclosed in this presentation, all the way to the acknowledgment of the TR-3B, it’s spec’s and capabilities – classic information.

The Charlottesville event was a planned act of “agi-prop”, or Agitation Propaganda, designed to stir up the populous and turn us against each other so the deep state can enter and take us all down.

What a bunch of fucking idiots…~TS Van Jones on CNN cries over President Trump blaming both sides, and Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and others looked like they were holding back tears. The liberal media freakout hasn’t been this bad since Hillary lost the election.

By Zero Hedge Trump ignited a political firestorm yesterday during an impromptu press conference in which he said there was “blame on both sides” for the tragic events that occurred in Charlottesville over the weekend. Now, the discovery of a craigslist ad posted last Monday, almost a full week before the Charlottesville protests, is raising […]